5 Online Geography Quiz For Kids

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This article covers 5 websites with online geography quiz for kids.

By taking these quizzes, kids can test their geographical knowledge of the world. This is also a good way to gain new knowledge for them.

These quizzes feature geographical multiple choice questions. First guessing an answer and then knowing the correct answer; this way they can remember that geographical fact for a longer time rather than just reading the correct answer directly. These quizzes cover the basic geography from oceans to mountains, countries, maps and more. Most of these websites cover all these topics in a single quiz whereas some have a number of quizzes covering different topics. So, let’s start our list and discuss these geography quiz websites.

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Here Are 5 Online Geography Quiz For Kids:

Soft Schools

online geography quiz for kids

SoftSchools is an educational website that provides various types of educational content from Pre-K to 12th grade. It also offers quizzes covering a wide range of subjects, topics, and sub-topics. It has over 30 different quizzes for geography. These quizzes cover various topics like Oceans, Mountains, Countries, Geographic Numbers and more. For kids, you can go with easy geography quiz which covers the basic geography. This quiz features 12 multiple choice questions. You have to answer each question in order to move to the next. When you finish the quiz, it shows you all your answers along with the correct answers and grades your quiz out of 12.

You can take this online geography quiz for kids here.

Nat Geo Kids

geography quiz for kids

Nat Geo Kids is a free National Geographic’s online portal for kids where they can learn about science and wildlife through videos and games. It has a ‘QUIZ WHIZ‘ section that features interactive quizzes on various topics. The geography quiz here contains 10 multiple choice questions. The geographical topics covered in this quiz are Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Oceans, Volcanoes, etc. There is a scale at the top that keeps track of your answers. If you answer a question correctly, it shows a smiley face otherwise, a red cross. After each question, it tells you the correct answer along with a fact about it. When you finish the quiz, it gives you a score based on your performance.

Give this geography quiz for kids a try here.

Kidz World

free geography quiz for kids

Kidz World is a free website for kids featuring educational as well as entertainment content. It has a dedicated section for quizzes covering various subjects. The quizzes here are very creative and backed with animated pictures. Instead of asking you a direct question, it puts the question in form of a riddle. For each question, it gives your four answers and asks you to mark the correct one. The total number of questions is 10 here and you have to answer each one in order to complete the test. After each question, it tells you whether your answer is correct or not and shows you the right answer. In the end, it gives you a score out of 10 which represents the total number of questions you answered correctly.

Check out this geography quiz for kids here.

Quiz Global

online geography quiz for kids free

Quiz Global is a free quiz maker website where you can easily make quizzes with multiple choice questions. It also features quizzes on various topics, subjects, and art forms. The quizzes here are not interactive as others. The geography quiz lists 30 questions along with their answers beside them. The answers are hidden; you can only see an answer when you hover your mouse cursor over it. There is no grading which makes it good for self-evaluation without worrying about the score.

Follow this link to try this geography quiz for kids.

World Geography Games

geography game for kids

World Geography Games is an interactive website where kids can play quiz game and learn geography. This is a really creative game. It shows you a world map and asks you to point different places on the map. These places can be cities, areas, mountains, bodies of water, deserts or places related to a big or historical event. It asks you 20 questions like that and keeps a track of your attempts. When you finish all 20 questions, it gives you a score based on the number of attempts you took to finish it.

You can try this geography quiz game here.

Wrap Up

These geography quiz websites are simple and straightforward, kids can easily find there way around them. They can test their knowledge and learn facts about the world. These quizzes can be really fun to play with friends and family.

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