How to Accept Card Payments Directly on Phone without POS Terminal?

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Dessert Pay allows you to accept card payments directly on your phone without a POS terminal. Card payment is a convenient way to get paid but to be able to accept card payments you generally need a hardware POS terminal. Dessert Pay eliminates the need for a POS and lets you accept card payments directly on your phone as long as you have an Andriod phone with NFC.

All you have to do is set your account on Dessert Pay and connect it with Stripe to get payments. After that, you are ready to accept contactless card payments right on your phone. Apart from card payments, you can generate QR code to get paid via Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can also create pay links to accept remote payments directly to your Stripe account; all that with no extra charges.

How to Accept Card Payments Directly on Phone with No Dongles?

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Accept Card Payments Directly on Phone with No Dongles

To accept card payments on your phone, you need an Android phone with an NFC reader and the Dessert Pay app. The app is available on the Google Play Store, you can get it from here. After installing the app, follow on-screen instructions to create your account for free and connect it with your Stripe account to accept payment. Currently, this app only supports Stripe with PayPal support suppose to be coming soon.

accept card payments directly on phone

After setting up the account, you can start accepting payments with Dessert Pay. To do that, you have to enter the payable amount in the app. It automatically calculates tax and convenience fees for the transaction so you get full payment. It also offers an optional discount that you can apply to payments.

card payments on phone without POS terminal

On the next screen, you can the payment option. The contactless card payment is the default; you can just bring a card nearly and it fetches the card details and fill those in and you can proceed with the payment. You can also enter the card details manually to get paid.

receive card payments on android directly

Apart from card, you can also accept payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other payment apps as well. For that, simply tap on the QR code option from the payment screen. This shows a QR code which the customer scans in their payment app and proceed with the payment. Last but not least, you can also create a payment link and send it to the customer to get a remote payment. For each payment, Dessert Pay generates a payment receipt for each payment that you can send and download later.

Wrap Up

Dessert Pay makes it convenient to accept card payments without the need for any dongles or hardware POS terminal. It is handy for small merchants to be able to offer the convenience of contactless card payments to their customers.

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