Free App for Pet Owners to Manage Pet Activities and Events: DogNote

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DogNote is a free Android and iOS app for pet owners to manage activities and events related to their pets. This app allows you to add your family members who take care of pets and. Here you can use the app to take notes about the pets and log events such as their growth, vaccines, and details of their vet. You can create multiple pet profiles with all the information about the pet from photo to breed and then save it all. The app is simple and all you have to do is create a free account and then you are all good to go.

Pet management can be tedious if you have too many of them. Also, if you have a pet shop then managing the details of pets in old-fashioned paper register is kinda tedious. That is where this pet management app comes in handy. You just add details of all your pets in it and then keep adding relevant information. After you are done, you can simply export the pets data as well. It lets you save the pet data and logged events in JSON format to the local storage of your phone.

Free App for Pet Owners to Manage Pet Activities and Events DogNote

Free App for Pet Owners to Manage Pet Activities and Events: DogNote

You can install on DogNote on your Android phone from here and iOS phone from here. Next, after installing, you just create a free account and then get started. In the beginning, you also get an option to add your family members in it. Or, if there is already a family group exists then you can join that.

DogNote Sign up

Now, you go to the Pets section in the app and then start adding new pet profiles. Just tap on the “+” icon on the bottom right side and then start specifying the pet details. Enter the name, nickname, breed, gender, and date of birth. You can also add picture and this way add other pets in the database.

DogNote Add a New Pet

Next, you can move to the “Feed” section and there you can start adding pet activities. This is simple here you can add activities by making notes about food, treat, walk, medication, vaccination, training, appointment, and others. You just select any from the popup and then add the corresponding information. You can also add multiple activities there and log them all for all pets.

DogNote Log Activities

Now, if you want to create some reminders then here you can create them in a very easy way. For vaccination or some important event related to the pet, you just create a reminder with time and notification details. The app will remind you accordingly. You can also add repetitive reminders.

DogNote Reminder

In this way, you can use this simple and quite useful app for managing your pets and their activities. The collaboration is one of the most contrasting feature. With the help of the family, you can all manage your pets right from your smartphone. In the app settings, there are some customization settings related to themes that you can look into. And if you want to export the data stored then you can do that from the settings as well.

Final thoughts:

If you are a pet owner or have lots of pets then you will find this DogNote app really useful. Just install it on your Android or iOS phone and start logging all the pet activities. I liked the simple UI and reminders feature with export data functionality. You can easily export the activities and pet data in JSON format and use some JSON to CSV converters to open that data in spreadsheet software such as Excel.

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