Set Bing Photos as Windows 8 Wallpaper or Lock Screen

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Daily Wallpaper Viewer, is a free Windows 8 wallpaper app. It is a simple Windows 8 app that brings the fabulous photos released by Bing on daily basis. From all the photos released by Bing on a single day, it chooses one photo from them and brings it to your Windows 8 devices. These amazing photos can be used as the desktop wallpaper or the lock screen wallpaper. And, the app helps you to do so from with the app itself. Also, you can save these photos, together in one single go, or download them one at a time.

The app is very well-integrated with the Windows 8 Charms, and you can use the Search, Share, and Settings Charms within the app. Plus the app also advertises that it gives you lock screen notification, telling you number of pictures you haven’t seen, from the last time you opened the app.

Daily Wallpaper Viewer - viewing photo

Download Bing wallpapers free using this Windows 8 wallpaper app:

This Windows 8 wallpaper app, is a plain simple but handy Windows 8 app. The photos that you receive are pretty amazing and undoubtedly beautiful; as they are from Bing. All the photos are high def, with a really good zooming support. The app shows the photos region wise. The regions are basically either countries or worldwide. The countries includes: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Japan, China, and Germany. Simply select a country and you’ll get photos specific to that country. In order to select a region, simply right-click on the Main screen/ Dashboard, and click on Change Region Button. This lists out all the supported regions. Simply click on desired one.

Daily Wallpaper Viewer - changing region

This Windows 8 wallpaper app surely has a good design; with all beautiful photos from Bing. All the photos are categorized and grouped under labels: Today, Last Week, 2 Weeks Ago, and 3 Weeks Ago. Since it brings a single photo on a single day. So, the photos under Last Week, 2 Weeks Ago, and 3 Weeks Ago, usually have 7 photos. These photos are arranged in tiles and sorted on posted date, and has the caption of the photo. Simply click on a photo to view it.

Daily Wallpaper Viewer - main screen

All the photos are opened in full screen mode. Viewing photos in full screen is good experience. Also, I liked the fact that the app can zoom to very good level, this helps in viewing even the small minor details. Simply right-click on this screen, and you’ll get a flyout at the bottom of the screen. This flyout contains pretty powerful buttons, these includes: Set as Lock Screen, Download Wallpaper, Go to Today’s Photo, Zoom buttons and Photo Information. All of these are pretty easy to use as they all are self-explanatory. Simply click on the requisite to do the desired.

Daily Wallpaper Viewer - viewing photo and flyout buttons

This Download Wallpaper button mentioned above downloads only the opened photo, but this Windows 8 wallpaper app also allows you to download multiple photo together. And downloading multiple photos is all about few simple clicks. Simply go to the Main screen and right-click. This opens a flyout at the bottom, containing: Save All Photos for Current Region, Save Selected Photos, Save Today’s Photos for All Regions, Save All Photos for Current Region, Save All Photos for Current Regions, Select All, Clear All, Toggle Caption, Refresh, and Change Region. And if you don’t want these automatic select options, you can also manually select photos. Simply right-click on the requisite photos.

Daily Wallpaper Viewer - selecting all photos and downloading them

Key features of this Windows 8 Bing wallpaper app:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 wallpaper app.
  • Chooses and brings one photo from Bing to your Windows 8 device, daily.
  • Set the photo as Lock Screen or Desktop Wallpaper.
  • Download wallpaper for free.
  • Good zooming feature.
  • Integrated with Windows 8 search, share and settings charms.
  • Live tile in Start Screen, showing a preview of the photo of the day.
  • Lock screen notification showing number of picture that you haven’t seen from the last time you opened the app.

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Final note:

Daily Wallpaper Viewer, certainly is a good Windows 8 wallpaper app. It’s functional, easy, has a good image rich design, and above all works smoothly without any lags or issues. The inbuilt features are combined well, making it a good Windows 8 wallpaper app.

Download this Windows 8 wallpaper app from the Photo category in Windows Store, or click here.

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Works With: Windows 8, Windows 8.1
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