Chrome Extension To Enter Text Through Speech: Oweb Voice Input

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Oweb Voice Input is a free Google Chrome extension that lets you enter text through speech. It’s a handy and lightweight extension that provides easy way to input text in any text box you find on web through speech. What it basically does is that it lets you speak the text you want to enter over microphone and then convert that microphone input into text.

So the basic requirement you need to have in order to use this extension is a microphone. You can connect microphone to your system, configure device settings, and use Oweb Voice Input to enter text through speech.

We will soon discuss in detail how you can use Oweb Voice Input, but for now let’s have a quick look on the download and installation part of the software.

oweb voice input interface

Download and Install Oweb Voice Input:

Oweb Voice Input is a Google Chrome extension, which is available free of cost in the Chrome Web Store. You can use the download link provided at the end of this article to download the extension. Once downloaded, it can be easily installed in your Chrome browser like any other extension. Just click on the “Add to Chrome” button on the extension’s page and you are done!

After you install Oweb Voice Input, you need to restart your Chrome browser to ensure that the extension works properly. Now let’s see how you can input text through voice input using Oweb Voice Input.

Input Text Through Speech using Oweb Voice Input:

Oweb Voice Input is very easy to use. Once you install the extension in your Chrome browser, a tiny microphone icon appears at the end of each text box that you will find of web, like the one provided to search anything on Google homepage.

Now before using the extension, you need to connect a microphone to your system, which will become a medium to input speech to the system. After that, just go to the webpage where you find a text box, and click on the microphone icon for entering the voice input. Then just speak whatever you want to enter in the text box in microphone; that speech will be converted into text by Oweb Voice Input and entered in the text box automatically.

oweb voice input test

Just want to clarify one thing before you move ahead to try this free Chrome extension; speak slowly, be loud, and try to speak each word clearly. If you speak in hurry, Oweb Web Input will not be able to recognize your exact wordings and may input wrong text. So make sure to control your speech accordingly while using Oweb Chrome Extension.

Also, check free text recognition software to dictate text.

Key Features of Oweb Voice Input:

  • Free Google Chrome extension.
  • Input text through voice.
  • Options to enable voice input automatically or manually.

oweb voice input options

  • Handy and Lightweight.
  • Easy-to-use.

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The Final Verdict:

Oweb Voice Input is a nice Chrome extension to input text through voice. Although it serves good when it comes to recognize microphone voice and convert it into text, but you need to be very careful as well as patient while speaking, since it can interpret wrong voice input and produce totally messed up results if the voice is not clear and loud enough.

All in all, Oweb Voice Input is a useful Chrome extension and a good one to try.

Download Oweb Voice Input free.

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