Resize Magic: Reduce Size of Images and Maintain Quality

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Resize Magic is a free image resizing software that allows you to resize images with a high quality algorithm. This free image resizing program is able to be used as an individual program or as a Photoshop plug-in. The quality is excellent whether used as a plug-in or stand-alone software. However, only stand-alone application is free, but Photoshop plugin is not free.

Indeed this photo resizing software is a good companion to free image editors. You can finish editing any image with your image editor, and then use Resize Magic to resize the image to any desired size. Resize Magic will give you a high quality resized image.

Resize Magic

A popular misconception with the “resizing” title is that Resize Magic is able to create giant poster size images. This is not the case; this free image resizing application aids in the reduction of image size. Basically, Resize Magic performs better image down-sizing than the average graphic program that you may have running on your system. It seems that most images lose their sharpness and focus if the size is reduced. Resize Magic maintains the image’s integrity; sharpness, focus and so forth are kept even though the image is smaller.

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Resize Magic also allows you to download images and make various size changes without ruining the integrity of the image. This means, should you download a rather large picture or photo, this free picture resizing software, will let you make it smaller without losing color, texture, focus or sharpness. This image resizing application works so well, that it does not need to apply a filter after resizing has been completed.

The stand-alone version of Resize Magic is quite easy to use. You just download the application, and do not even need to install it. Open the application, and specify source and destination folders. Resize Magic will show all the images that are present in source folder. You can choose one or more images, and resize all of them together.

Clearly this free photo resizing application is exactly the kind of free program that people who enjoy editing images, would love to have. If you have Photoshop installed on your computer and would like to add an extra plug-in, Resize Magic is the ideal plug-in you should have.

Download Resize Magic free.

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