Free Cash Register Software for Bars and Small Shops

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PosXP is a free cash register software for bars and small shops. The software lets you create a list of all available items in your shop along with the certain details like price, VAT, quantity, bar code, etc. Also, it lets you keep track of the all the items you have sold so far. The software behaves like any other software that you often see in General stores and supermarkets. But the best thing about this software is that it is designed to use with the touch-enabled devices. It lets you create the list of all items on its interface in a grid-like page. You just have to select the item from the page and it will be added to the list. And after you have made the transaction, the database of the software will be updated.

This cash register software is quite useful if you are running a small restaurant or a bar. You can deploy the software on a touch enable computer and use it. You can keep track of all inventory in your shop and all the revenue you have made so far. If you have a printer and bar code scanner with you, then using the software will be even easier.

Cash Register Software

How to use free Cash Register Software?

PosXp is one of the best free cash register software out there. Once you have configured it, then its pretty ease to use this software. The software supports various payment methods like Cash, Credit Card, Voucher, and Coupon. The software will keep track of the all the payments made through any of these methods. Also, it will calculate the overall VAT in a separate section.

In addition to that, the software allows you to integrate a printer and barcode scanner in it. And you can define the bar codes in the software and if you want, you can use it without bar code reader.

Here are a few steps to get started with this cash register software. But, before using it make sure that you have installed Pos.Net. You can get it from here.

Step 1: Run the software with administrator privileges. To do that, right-click on its exe file and then click the “Run as administrator” option. The interface of the software will open up.

Step 2: You will see various tabs in the software. So, first of all, make the list of the all the items available in your store. For that, navigate to the Stock tab and then start adding items. Click on the Add Product button and then it will ask you to enter the product details. Enter the product detail like name, quantity, cost, barcode, etc like details.

posxp adding products

Step 3: After you have added all the products in the software, then you can also add those products on the main page of the software for easy access. To do that, move to the main window of the software and the right-click on any grid. After that, select Set Speed option. Then it will show you the list of available list of products. You can choose the product from the list and it also lets you assign an icon to the product name. Use the same method to assign other products to the grids. Also, you can assign multiple products to a single grid.

posxp set speed

Step 4: All the configuration part has been done now. You can start using the software. To start, just select an item from the main window. After that, the item will be added to the list. You can select all the items one by one it will keep adding them to the list. Also if you want to add the same item in different quantities, then you can again click on the icon of that product.

posxp bill

Step 5: To finalize the payment, click on any method available on the calculator. To clear the list you can hit the CL button.

posxp revenue

After all the transactions have completed, the report will be available in the software itself. To view the revenue or any other report, navigate to the Journal tab and it will show you the sale’s report there.

That’s how you can easily use this free cash register software for Windows.


PosXp is one of the best free cash register software out there. Inventory and revenue management behavior of the software is very amazing. If you own a small shop, bar or restaurant, then you can benefit from this software.

Try out PosXp from here.

Editor Ratings:
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[Total: 9 Average: 2.2]
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