Free Serverless P2P file Sharing tool to Send Files via Sound: Wave Share

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Wave Share is a free open source tool that can share files through sound. In layman’s term, just consider it a kind of Morse code but for files. You give it a file and then it transforms that into sound signals that can be reconstructed back to the input file on the receiving end. This is one of its kind of tool and has some numerous use cases in the real world. I only tested it on small text files and it magically worked. Transferring files with Wave Share can be fun and you can try this right now. There is no release for it but there is an online demo for the tool is there that you can use and see how it works.

There are many file sharing tools that we have discussed in our previous articles such as p2p file sharing and even encrypted file sharing tools. But here the file sharing to this that I have mentioned is unique from all those. Here it uses of very different approach to transfer file from one computer to another. And you will find it quite amazing as well that how can sound can be used for transfer files. Using the online demo of the tool is very simple. Just give it an input file and it will generate sound that you can give as input on the other device on which you want to receive the file. It is simple as that.

Free Serverless P2P file Sharing tool to Send Files via Sound Wave Share

Free Serverless P2P file Sharing tool to Send Files via Sound: Wave Share

Since it is just an online demo so there is no need to create a sign up for something like that in order to get started. You just go to its main online interface and start the tool by clicking on the “init” button on both devices. After that, you upload a file on it and it will generate the corresponding sound signal for it.

wave share start

Now, you just open the same demo tool on the other device on which you want to receive the file. Make sure that the receiving device has a working microphone that can hear the sound signal generated by the sending computer. You can also make sure that the speakers are connected on the first computer properly so the receiving computer can hear the sound

Next, you just click on the Broadcast button on the sending device and then sound will start playing. You will see that other device will start downloading the file along with the progress. When all the transmission has been done, you will get the transferred file and you can download that and do whatever you want. It is as simple as that.

wave share in action

Above you can see how this file sharing tool works to transfer files from one computer to another. It is unique and I really hope to see the use of this tool in sending and receiving the large files in the coming updates. There can be some other cool applications built using this tool in the future. Right now everything is just plain and simple and if you want to get into the technical details of the tool then this entire project is open source. You can find it on GitHub the and see how it is works there. The detailed documentation available there that you can go through to understand what’s running under the hood.

Closing thoughts

It is so obvious now that Wave Share is really a unique file sharing tool that I have ever used. I liked the way it works. Although the sound that it generates for a specific file can be irritating sometimes but all in all the tool works. And all of that isĀ  just magic. If you want to try this unique file sharing tool then just go ahead and let me know what you think about it.

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