Windows 10 Brain Game App to Form a Word Combining Two Pictures

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Pic Combo – This Plus That is a Windows 10 brain game app where you will be shown 2 pictures and you have to form a word combining the two. It is a fun game app which will start with easy pictures, but as you go through a few levels the game becomes more challenging. If you are stuck at any stage you have the hints option to help you out.

The Windows 10 brain game app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. When you start the app, you will straight away land on the first puzzle page, which is shown in the screenshot below.

On the game page you will be shown two pictures side by side. Now you have to combine these two images to form a word. For example, in the above screenshot the pictures given are of a car and a cat & dog. Cat & dog can come under a category say pet, so if we combine the two the new word we come up with is “carpet”. Like this we have to combine two pictures and form a word.

On either side of the images you have various hints. Like you can ask for help from your Facebook friends, you can choose to solve the question for 30 coins, you can choose to reveal a letter for 15 coins, and you can choose to remove a few letters for 15 coins. These are the 4 types of help you can get on a question.

There are random letters given at the bottom of the page in yellow color. You have to form a word using these random letters. When you click on a word from below, it will move on to the blank boxes given below the image. The entire word has to be formed in the blank white boxes below the image. If the word you entered is right a correct answer screen will come up, as shown in the screenshot below.

For each correct answer one coin will be added to your total. These coins can be used to take hints when you are stuck. After answering a few questions correctly, you will see a level up screen like the one shown in the screenshot below.

Now in level up you get 15 coins added to your total. The level two puzzle would have slightly more difficult questions to answer as compared to level one.

Features of this Windows 10 brain game app:

  • Combine 2 pictures to form a word.
  • More then 100 games to play.
  • Use hints when stuck.
  • Fun game app.
  • One coin earned for each correct answer.


Pic Combo is a real fun game to play. You have to put your mind to work when you have to combine the two pictures to form a new word. Initially you will find the game easy, but as you go through a few games the questions will start getting more challenging. Do try out this fun game app.

Check out Pic Combo for Windows 10 here.

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