Website to Donate Money to a Charity without Donating Money

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Welzoo is a Chrome extension and website which lets you donate money to your favorite charity without donating anything. Yes, you read it right. It is a very unique concept and a noble one too. Visiting the welzoo website will give you a insight on what needs to be done. All you need to do is install the extension and make Welzoo your browser start page. Now every time you open the browser, Welzoo is going to donate 1 cent to a charity or student organization of your choice.

If you are wondering how this arrangement works, look at the screenshot below.

wellzoo working

The website will ask you to search for your favorite charity out of a huge list of charities they support. If your charity is not present in the list, you can submit your own to be added to the list. Once you are done selecting your charity, you will be asked to sign up using either your Facebook account or your email address. After that you will be asked to choose your areas of interest from a list. This is asked so Welzoo can customize the kind of websites you would like to see on your home page. After this selection, you will be taken to the final step of the process, that would be making Welzoo your browser start page.

wellzoo sign in steps

As soon as you click the green button, a pop up window comes up asking you to install the Welzoo extension. Go ahead and click on the add button. That is all, you have set Welzoo as your start page.

Now every time you open your Chrome browser Welzoo is going to show you a new website recommendation based on your interests. Along with that it will also donate 1 cent to your favorite charity. Though the thing to keep in mind is that only first 6 visits each day count for donation. So up to 6 cents can be donated to your charity per day.

You can donate to one charity at a time only. If you want to change the charity you support, you can go to account settings and do that.

If you are still wondering how the website is making these donations, then let’s put it in a simple way.

  • You have Welzoo as your start page,
  • It will show you new websites through this start page based on the interests you selected,
  • Sometimes these new websites are sponsored ones which pay Welzoo for showing there websites. The donations are made through the revenue which the website makes through sponsored ads.

I hope that clears up your doubts about how these donations are being made. Apart from Chrome, this will work for Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.

welzoo profile

Once you are logged in to the website, you will be able to track donations which have been collected so far for your charity and the number of supporters it has. From my profile tab you can change the charity you support to a different one and make some profile changes as well. The share page and raise money tabs let you share the website with your friends so that they can also help. The history tab will show you all the new websites which they recommended to you so far, just in case you missed any.

Its a simple concept which helps you support a charity or student organization, even if it is small every amount matters. So if you think of donating to a charity and are never able to keep up, then this is a inexpensive way to do it. Go ahead and check out the Welzoo website and decide if you would like to do some charity without paying anything.

Check out Welzoo here.

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