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Spoilme is a free website which will help you find spoilers from any movie you are planning to watch or not planning to watch. If there is a movies which you think you will not watch but you still want to know what happened in the end you can go to this website and find out. Even if you want to see a movie and can’t help yourself from looking for spoilers about it, then you can check out this website. I always do that, I want to know the spoilers before I watch a movie. Of course I do not share them with my friends, but I like to know.

When you open the website the home page you will find pretty minimalistic. There is just a box there to enter the name of a movie for which you want to see spoilers. The home page looks like the screenshot given below.

spoil me home

When you start entering the name of a movie, suggested names start appearing in a list below. You will also notice that each movie in the suggested list also shows how many spoilers are there for that movie. Like you can see in the screenshot below, I searched for the movie Inception and the suggested list below shows the name of the movie with a thumbnail and number of spoilers available for the movie.

spoil me inception

Now for anyone who has not seen this movie I’ll say Spoiler Alert in the next screenshot. So this movie has 13 spoilers available for it. Just select the movie name and you will be shown a spoiler as shown in the screenshot below.

spoil me inception spoiler

If there is more than one spoiler, then you can click the big red round button which says one more, to see the next spoiler. You also have options to share this spoiler with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or by email. These options can be seen right under the spoiler displayed on screen.

You can also submit spoilers to the website for a movie that you have seen. There is a button on the top right corner which says add a spoiler. Click this button and you will see a page like the one shown in the below screenshot.

spoil me add a spoiler

Here you can add a movie title in the first box and the spoiler in the second box. Then click the send button to add your spoiler.


I found this website nice as you can know about all the spoilers for a movie before you watch it. You can also use this to irritate your friends by sharing movie spoilers for movies they are planning to watch. Do try it out.

Check out Spoilme here.

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