Watch YouTube Videos Together Free by Just Changing URL: Volcano

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This post explain how to watch YouTube video together by just changing the URL. Here I will mention a simple trick that you can use and watch any YouTube video with your friend in sync. Volcano is the final website where you can watch the video, but in order to reach there, you just have to make a simple edit in the YouTube video URL you want to watch together.

There are some Chrome extension we have covered to do the same thing even for Netflix. But here I am mentioning this online website that doesn’t require any browser add-on or annoying sign up or registration. Apart from just watching the video together, you can also do some other things. You can go live, post reactions to the video which will be visible to all the viewers, and create flashcards.

Watch YouTube Videos Together Free by Just Changing URL: Volcano

The process is very straightforward. Just follow the super easy steps below to try it right away:

Step 1: Open any YouTube video and play it.

Step 2: Edit the “” part in the video URL to “you—” (add 3 hyphens  without spaces between “you” and “tube”)

Change URL on YoUTube to Watch Together

Step 3: Press Enter and you are done! Share the URL with others for them to join the room to watch. Or, you can start a live-stream as well that you and others can co-watch.

Example: Modify to— and press enter to load it on the Volcano website. The video will now appear and will play in sync.

Cowatch opened

There are buttons at the bottom right side that you can use to post flashcards on screen. Also, use the smiley button to add popup reactions.

Cowatch Volcano Flash Cards

Cowatch Volcano Reactions

This is as simple as that. This way, you can co-watch any YouTube video using this simple trick. You can enjoy a documentary or a stand-up comedy video with your fiends and post reactions for others to see that you are enjoying.

Closing things up…

Especially in the times like this where you cannot go out with your friends, then you can reply on similar tools to have fun together. And one such tool is Volcano that lets you co-watch YouTube videos. No matter what video you choose, you will be able to watch it with your friends or family by making a simple change in the URL. The room it creates is private and only those with the link can join it.

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