Identify AI written Text using OpenAI’s Self Made AI Text Classifier

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AI Text Classifier by Open AI itself is a web application that helps you identify the text generated by AI applications like ChatGPT.

It’s been only a little while since Open AI introduced ChatGPT which became one of the most famous web applications out there to generate text via AI. Its ability to generate answers and texts like a human being is one of the reasons for its popularity. But as we know, everything’s misuse has its downsides. People, especially students, have started using AI for completing their homework and essays which can restrict their thinking and make them lazy. Many places have banned ChatGPT due to this reason.

But now Open AI has itself introduced an AI Text Classifier that can detect what text has been used using AI.

You just have to:

  • Click here and open the web application.
  • Sign in with your email or phone number.
  • Copy the text you want to identify and paste it on this website and click on submit.

Within seconds, this tool will detect if the text is AI generated or human written. You can also see examples of human written and AI generated texts.

The website itself states that the results generated shouldn’t be considered as the only evidence as there are times when it can judge your text wrongly.


This web application is a bit new and therefore, it has some limitations that you might face while using this. Some of them are:

  • There are times when this tool can’t recognize an AI written text as even a small editing in your text can make it difficult for it to identify.
  • A minimum of 1000 characters is needed in your text to run the identification.

I found these two limitations noticeable but there might be more of them. But they might be fixed in the future and then this application will be more effective to use.

Let us summarize…

AI Text Classifier by Open AI is a really useful and an important web application in this AI emerging world. It identifies whether a text is written by AI or a human. It is useful as it can help prevent the misuse of AI by people. Simply copy your text and paste it on the website and in a few seconds, it will tell you if it is AI generated or human written. It’s a new web application so it doesn’t work very effectively but in future it might improve its functionality and become more effective.

Talking about my personal opinion on it, yes, this website is helpful. It can detect the difference between a human written text and AI generated one but it shouldn’t be used often for official purposes, as for now because of its limitations as it can lead to unfair judgements.

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