How to Find if an IP Address have been a part of TOR Network

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This is a quick tutorial to demonstrate how to find if an IP address have been a part of TOR network. ExoneraTor is a project by TOR itself that keeps the database of all the nodes that have participated in the network. If you have an IP address of some machine and you want to know if it being used as a TOR node then you can easily test that. ExoneraTor will help you look for it without any registration or sign up. Not only that but it also lets you specify a date to check if the specified IP was in TOR network at that day.

TOR is a great tool that people generally use for anonymity and it is a pretty huge network. People can host a TOR exit node and if you want to know if a certain IP was in a TOR network then with the simple tool mentioned here you can do that. The best part is that it from TOR itself so that’s pretty interesting and it is reliable, and accurate. All you have to do is just give it an IP address and it will take care of the rest.

How to find if an IP Address have been a part of TOR Network?

You can access ExoneraTor here and the main interface of the tool is very simple. There, it just has one input text box where you enter an IP address and specify a date for which you want to see the result.

ExoneraTor home

Next, you just hit enter or click Search and then it will look for that IP in the database. If it finds any result then it will show it you. You can see the entire history of the IP there as well if it has any record for the specified IP. You can then just analyze the results and then do whatever you want. It is as simple as that.

TorExenor in action

This is it. This is how you can use the ExoneraTor to see if an IP has been in a TOR network. You can use it for forensic research as well or any other purpose that you have. This is very simple and straightforward. You use the just use this simple tool that TOR provides itself.

Closin gthoughts

TOR is a pretty large network and if you want to audit some IP address then you can use the tool I have mentioned here. It i simple and all you have to do is just give it an IP address. If you are looking to audit some IP then you use the tool and let me know what you think. However, the lookup can not be done in bulk so you will have to check one IP address at a time.

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