Free Website to Learn Regular Expressions Interactively Step by Step: RegexLearn

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RegexLearn is a free website to learn regular expressions interactively. We have covered websites to learn regular expressions before but here this one uses a different and more effective approach. Here it starts from the very basic and in each step, you have to complete the task before proceeding further.

If you are a complete beginner in regular expressions then this website will help you get started with them. Each step that it has is some kind of a lesson to learn things about regular expressions. In different steps, you learn about character sets, how to include/exclude words/characters, and match all or partial text.

RegexLearn also includes a cheatsheet that you will help you master few things about the regular expression. However, for now it is kind of a tutorial only. Practice playground is not there but it will be there in the coming updates as it is mentioned in the roadmap.

Website to Learn Regular Expressions Interactively Step by Step RegexLearn

Free Website to Learn Regular Expressions Interactively Step by Step: RegexLearn

RegexLearn website is open source tool and you can check out its GitHub repository to find all the code. Everything is mentioned there and you can see all the coming features. To use the website for learning regular expressions, you are not required to sign up or do some kind of registration.

You will start learning as soon as you visit the website. Just proceed with the problem it shows. It will also show you the solution. After entering the correct expression, you will land on other popup. Similarly, you have to go through the 50+ pages and learn regex from basic to advanced.


On the main homepage there is a link to the cheatsheet page. You can visit that and here you will see a simple sheet which lists various regex pattern matching guides. You can memorize and they will help you in your future projects.

RegexLearn RegexLearn

For now this is all you get on RegexLearn website. Just use the main website as a tutorial and I am sure within an hour or 2 you will have enough knowledge of regular expression that you can start using them in your assignments. And I will not say that you stop after you are done with the websites, go ahead and visualize regex that you have learned on this website.

Final thoughts:

Regular expressions are heavily used in programming every day. They make the searching easier and that’s why you should learn them as their knowledge will help you get more projects. Also, it will give you an edge over the other candidates who lack this skill. The RegexLearn website is great and I am sure even if you don’t know anything about regular expression yet, after completing the exercise here, you will know plenty of it.

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