Online Music Trivia Game to Guess Song from Music

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Here is a free online music trivia game called “Infinite Music Trivia“. In this game, you have to guess the song from the music that is playing. And, your time limit is 30 seconds only. If you select the correct song, you get some points. And then you are shown another song which you have to guess.

This music identification game lets you select the genre from which you want to play music. Also, some information of music is also flashing on the screen like artist name, album name, etc. You get the point for every correct answer. There is an option available to share your earned points with Facebook friends.

Infinite Music Trivia- Play Music

How To Play Free Music Identification Game online:

Infinite Music Trivia is a free online music game that can be played for fun as well as for testing and increasing knowledge about music. As the name reflects, this game lets you play infinite number of music tracks, coupled with some facts (Trivia). As I mentioned, this game is just like a quiz. So, here you have to identify the correct name of the song out of  four options.

Here is how you go about this game:

  • First you have to select one music type out of 9. You can see all of these one by one in different icons through arrow sign on the screen.
  • A music will start playing. The artist name and album name are displayed on the screen.
  • Four answer options are also displayed on the screen.
  • Identify the song’s name and choose the correct option within 30 seconds. There is a countdown timer that displays the remaining time on the top of right side of screen. If you cannot identify the music name within 25 seconds then you will get a message that “Time Out, Place Your bet”. Then you have only two choices and one of them will be the correct answer. Now you have to choose correct answer out of two available option within 5 seconds. The downside is that choosing correct answer now will give you lesser points as compared to what you would have earned if you had selected a choice within first 25 seconds.Infinite Music Trivia- Error Message
  • Now if you choose wrong answer then you will get the message “You Failed”. And, it displays the correct answer. It also displays the scores that you earned in that music poison. As shown in the below screenshot, failed message displays with score, wrong and correct answer. Option “Rewind And Try Again” directs you to the page where you have to choose the music poison again to continue the game.
    Infinite Music Trivia- Wrong Answer Message
  • You can view your score of the present music poison from  “VIEW LEADERBOARD” option. Also, you can share your points with your Facebook friends.


Infinite music Trivia is a wonderful free online music game. I had fun playing this game. And of course, it improves the knowledge about the music. But I saw that some songs repeated more than once, which can make it a bit boring for those who want to play it for a long time.

If you are a music lover and want to know more about the music, then you can try this game from here. You can also try the app Lyric Legend 2 for Android to learn the music lyrics.

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