Free Kindness and Empathy Workshops for Kids: Kawanimals

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In this article, you will read about free kindness and empathy workshops for kids.

kawanimals is a free website that is dedicated to teaching children kind lessons. On this platform, you will find the educational content that consists of fun stories and games. With the adorable cartoon characters, children may take more interest in stories and learn kindness towards people and life.

Here, you will find educational games in variety. You can download the paper activities to solve them. To read the stories, you can go through the lessons available on the website. You can let your children read these stories with cute doodles and let your children learn kindness and empathy. Let’s know what all the lessons are there on the website.

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play games online to learn kindness

Free Kindness and Empathy Workshops for Kids

Once you head to this website called Kawanimals, you will see the languages to switch. You can switch it to English or Spanish. Here, you will find two categories to learn kindness; Let’s be friends and Let’s Play (Stories and Games).

read kind stories online

If you go to read stories in let’s be friends, you will find lessons on kindness in variety. The stories are based on different cartoon characters and titles. For example, The story of Haruki and Hogu, Kitsuki and Tanuki, etc.

Once you click on the next arrow sign, it shows the next slide of the story with a text and another doodle. This way children can read the entire story collection and know about the meaning of kindness.

In the lets games section, you will find games to play. Here, you can explore word games and other paper games that you can download to color or fill in the blanks.

There are categories like be kind to others, be kind to yourself and be kind to our planet. The category called be kind to others has games like earn your champion of kindness by completing the calendar, match the animal image with their current emotion, and write three special ways to be kind to others.

In the next category called kind to be yourself, you can find chart games, coloring pages, and other paper games to download and play offline.

To be kind to our planet, children can learn to use trash to out garbage, flower and animal activity games.

In brief

Kawanimals is a good website where you can find a perfect collection of kind lessons and games. Here you can learn different types of lessons to learn lessons on empathy and kindness. By going through the activities, you can download paper games and let your children learn how to kind with yourself, others and the world.

Check out the website.

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