4 Free GCode Viewer Websites to Simulate GCode Online

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Here are some best free online GCode viewer websites. Using these websites, you can simulate the GCode generated by any CNC software or CNC simulator. These websites come with an intuitive interface where you can paste the GCode or drag and drop the GCode file. After that, these website will read the GCode and then draw the corresponding design. The GCode viewer of most of these websites supports various features like real-time drawing, pan, rotate or even view the design in 3D.

If you have a GCode file for a design, then you can see it on these websites. You can control the simulation speed, and also opt for certain other options. For example, you can define units, tool height, tool diameter, etc.

Free GCode Viewer Websites

Let’s now get started with these free GCode viewer websites.

4 Free GCode Viewer Websites:

NC Viewer

nc viewer online gcode viewer

NC Viewer is one of the best free GCode viewer that you can use to visualize the GCode. Basically, it is NC viewer but also supports GCode files to view. After submitting the GCode file, it will plot the design in its viewer. You can then visualize the design from there. Also, if you want to simulate the GCode, then you can do that. In simulation mode, it will draw the design by reading GCode, line by line. And in the simulation process, you can also speed up the process. There are some other options as well, which you can opt to modify the view of the design. You can align the design vertically, you can switch the user view to left, right, top, and front directions. Not only this, NC Viewer allows you view the final design from any angle and also supports 3D designs.

Using NC Viewer to view GCode online is very easy. After visiting the homepage of the website, you can drag and drop the GCode file to its interface or upload it via Open button. After getting your file, it will show you the GCode in its editor. If you want to pot plot the design in one go, then simply hit the Plot button. And if you want to simulate the drawing process, then you can hit the play button and then it will start drawing the GCode coordinates by reading them line by line. You can also fast forward the drawing process. In the GCode editor, if you click to any coordinate, then it will show you the location of that in the drawing. Also, you can change the GCode coordinates to edit the design. And you can download the edited GCode file on your PC using the Save button.

GCode Viewer

GCode Viewer in action

GCode Viewer (homepage) is a very good online tool to view GCode design in animated simulation. The website has a simple look and you can visualize GCode very easily. This GCode viewer occupies the whole browser window to display the design from the GCode file that you want. The viewer supports rotate, zoom, pan like features and allows you to view the design from any angle, and you can easily navigate to any particular simulation point using the timeline that it shows.

GCode Viewer is an open source tool and you can browse its repository on GitHub. You can easily use it to view GCode by just dragging and dropping the GCode file on its interface. On its main page, there is a Load Model label and after clicking on it a pop up will appear. On the popup, you can drag and drop a GCode file and it will immediately start drawing it in its viewer. The animated simulation that it performs is very smooth and you can also fast forward using the timeline at the top right side of the website. You can see the above screenshot.

GCode Simulator

gcode simulator

GCode Simulator is an online tool to view the design from GCode file. You can directly copy paste the GCode to its interface and it will plot the design in its viewer. You can rotate, pan or move the viewer to view the design from any angle. There is a progress bar is given that you can use to simulate the drawing process. Additionally, you can specify some parameters to assist the simulation process. You can specify tool diameter, tool height, and units. Although the website works pretty good with simple shapes, but if you load GCode for a complex design, then it shows some lags. If you are dealing with the simple design, then this website is a good option.

Using GCode Simulator to view GCode online is very straight forward. After visiting its homepage, you can paste the GCode on its interface. After pasting the GCode, you hit the Simulate button and the drawing will appear in the viewer of the website. You can move the viewer of the website in any direction to see the design from any angle. Additionally, you can use the slider at the bottom of the viewer to simulate the drawing process according to the progress. See the above screenshot of GCode Simulator.


webgcode online gcode viewer

Webgcode is one of the simplest online GCode viewers. You just have to copy paste the GCode and then it will plot the design for you. It supports drawing 3D design and its online viewer supports rotate, pan, and lets you view the design from any angle you want. Another nice thing about this online GCode viewer is that it is open source and you can also run it at your end. Also, you can modify the code according to your needs.

Webgcode has a very simple interface and doesn’t offer any other tools. All you have to is just copy paste the GCode in the box and then click on the Simulate button. After that, it will load the design in its viewer and you can analyze it from there. It lets you see the design from any angle. For that, it has placed a small cube on the corner of the interface that you can move in any direction and the corresponding directions will change in the design view. You can see the above screenshot of Webgcode above.

Final Words:

These are some very awesome online GCode viewer website to view and plot GCode. There is nothing very complicated about these websites. If you have knowledge of CNC machining, then you will find them very handy. Among all of them, I really like NC Viewer and Webgcode to be the best online GCode viewer. And if you are interested in seeing the animated simulation of the GCode, then GCode Viewer is a good choice.

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