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My Harvard Classics is a website which lets you download any volume of Harvard Classic literature in PDF format for free. This is one subject which gets me so excited, because I love reading classic literature. So when I came across this website, I was more than thrilled. The only info I had about Harvard Classics is that, it is a collection from world literature which was published by Harvard University, hence the name. So my first research was to know more about Harvard Classics and believe me it was such an enlightening research. You can read the Wikipedia article about it here.

Being a literature enthusiast I was quiet happy with the information that I gathered about this classic collection. So when you actually land on this website My Harvard Classics, you will notice that it is a pretty minimal website. Like you can see in the screenshot below.

my harvard classics home

All the 51 volumes are listed on this webpage one after the other. For downloading a particular volume all you need to do is click on the volume name. As soon as you do that a pop up window will open, from where you can save the file to your computer. The downloaded file is in PDF format and can be read using any PDF reader software.

There are several volumes on poetry which I loved, specifically volumes 40-42. Then there is compilation of songs and poems by Robert Burns and Milton. The poetry has the power to give you goose bumps all over, and you can hardly find any words to describe the awesome way these poems have been written. I always wonder how they write so beautifully.

Though, the first volume, I downloaded for reading is volume 14 “Don Quixote”, which is by far one of my favorite reads. The first time I was introduced to this book was when I was probably 12 years old and the book I read was a smaller version made for kids I think. I could never forget the story and read the full version when I got the chance. Since then I can never get bored of reading it again.

There is also a paid subscription available which includes much more than PDF downloads. The paid subscription is a complete interactive platform which includes downloading of MP3 version of the volumes, interactive reading guide, archives, forums, etc.

You can also check out free software to download Google Books.

But even without paying you will be able to get all the 51 volumes for reading. Which is pretty good in itself. If you are someone who is interested in classic literature and you are always on the look out for a chance to read some classic works, then you should definitely go to this website. Download and enjoy reading.

Check out My Harvard Classics here.

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