5 Chuck Norris Facts Generator Websites

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As everyone knows, Chuck Norris is a huge Internet phenomena. His massive fan following has turned him into a larger then life phenomena and people are having a blast creating random facts, memes, etc. on him. How all this started is difficult to point out, but all I can say is that it is a lot of fun to read facts, or memes of Chuck Norris. While going through thousands of facts available on the internet, I was wondering if there are websites which let you generate these facts about Chuck Norris as well. Well not to my surprise, there were lots of them as well. These websites can generate random facts about Chuck Norris, which you can then share with your friends or just have a good laugh on them. I’m listing few websites which let you generate random Chuck Norris facts. They are fun and easy to use. Let’s check them out.

Chuck Norris Random Fact Generator

chuck norris random fact generator

Well the name says it all, the entire website is dedicated to generate funny facts about Chuck Norris. When you open up this website you will see a text box in the center of the screen and a button under the box to generate a random Chuck Norris Fact. There is nothing else to do on the website apart from reading facts or recommending this site to a friend. Go through this website, you will have fun.

Chuck Norris Fact Generator

chuck norris fact generator

Update 2022: This website no longer works. Use other websites from this list instead.

Like the above website, this one also displays random facts about Chuck Norris. When you open up this website you will see a black background with a text box in the center displaying a fact about Chuck Norris. Click next to see another random fact, that is pretty much what you can do here.


muchgames chuck norris

This is a gaming website which has a game called Chuck Norris Fact Generator 3. The game basically has a button and a display window. When you click on the button with a punch icon on it, it will generate a random fact about Chuck Norris on the display window to the right. The audio can be turned off or on. The screenshot of the game can be seen above. There is also a game with the same name but an earlier version called Chuck Norris fact generator 2.

The Original Chuck Norris Fact Generator

the original chuck norris fact generator

Another website that generates random Chuck Norris facts. You can go ahead and read a lot of fun facts, just keep on clicking the get new fact button. You can share these facts with your friends by getting a link for the fact. There is a vote button under each fact. You can vote each fact on a scale of 10 according to your liking.

The Random Chuck Norris Fact Generator

rumandmonkey chuck norris fact generator

This website presents the fact generator a bit differently. When you land on this page, you will see exactly as can be seen in the screenshot above. Just enter your name and click on the Red button to generate a fact about Chuck Norris. The only thing that I didn’t like was for generating a new fact you will have to go back and start the process again. There is no next button here, you have to go back to the home page and start over again.

You can also check out a cool letter generator website as well.

These are the 5 Chuck Norris facts generator I could find. Given the popularity of this phenomena I thought there would be a lot more of these that I’ll find. But these were the 5 that I liked the most. So go ahead and enjoy generating random facts about Chuck Norris. Try it out and have a good laugh.

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