Behance for Developers: Create Developer Skillset Profile to Get Hired

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Devly is a like Behance for developers where you can create a skillset profile to get hired. Behance is a social media platform for designers where designers from all around the world can showcase their work. Behance is only for designers whereas Devly is for developers as well as hirers.

As a developer, you can create a minimalistic portfolio with your core skillsets, domain knowledge, and expertise. You can also fetch your profile information from LinkedIn and mention your developer and social media profiles including GitHub, Gitlab, LinkedIn, Portfolio, Twitter, and Facebook. You can control your profile by mentioning that if you are currently working or looking for a job, available for full-time or as a freelancer.

As a hirer, you can quickly create your company profile and simply search for developers by their core skills. You can look for full-timers and freelancers and contact them right from their developer profile.

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Behance for Developers: Create Developer Skillset Profile to Get Hired

The aim of Devly is to reduce the hiring time by focusing on important factors that matter. The platform is simple and absolutely free to use for both, developers and hirers. When you open the website, you get two sign up options that let create developer and hirer profile on the platform. Creating both profiles is simple and straightforward. In the case of both profiles, you have to create a username along with your name and email.

For Developers

behance for developers

In the developer profile, you can import your profile information from LinkedIn (this option is not yet available though). You can also set your profile from scratch. You can add a profile photo, professional title, location, level, experience, job type, and contact information along with a quick description of yourself.

create developer skillset profile to get hired

After that, you can move the skillset section where you can simply search and pick the key technology you have experience with. You can add as many technologies as you want to your skillset. Apart from the technology, you can mention the languages you have a good command of and link your other profile to the portfolio.

Along with the skillset, you can define your job preferences where you can choose whether you are open for jobs or not looking for jobs at the moments. If you are available for freelancing, you can mention that as well.

Profile Privacy

There are two profile privacy options as well; Public and Private. if you choose the Public profile, it shows your email address along with your profile for contact. And, if you choose the Private profile, your email address won’t be revealed publicly and you get messages through Devly’s internal messaging system.

For Hirers

behance for developers - create developer skillset profile to get hired

In the hirer profile, you can quickly create a profile for your company and look for developers by their skillset. You can either pick a skill from the given options or search a skillset to find the developers. The results give listed all the developer profiles it can find with that skillset. From the profile, you can contact the developer.

Note: You can browse the developer without creating an account as well but you won’t be able to contact.

Wrap Up

Devly is a decent platform for developers as well as for hirers. Developers can quickly create a developer portfolio to showcase their skillset and hirers can easily find them. This reduces the time spent on hiring procedures where developers have to submit resumes and hirers have to go through resumes to find the relevant candidates.

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