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MyFacePrivacy is a free software to change-manage Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Facebook privacy settings. Using this freeware you can set and mange the privacy settings of these multiple social networks through one platform. You can change privacy settings like: who can view your photos, videos, posts/tweets, interests, personal, education, and work related information etc., who can look you up if they make a search using your email address or phone number, who can send you messages and friend requests, who can add posts into your timeline or view your timeline/profile page.

There’s more settings options in this freeware, that you can apply in your social network profiles.

MyFacePrivacy - privacy levels

And to make sure that nothing goes against the privacy settings you applied using this freeware, you can also enable the auto scan settings option and email notifications option, that sends emails about the settings that contradicts your MyFacePrivacy settings, to an email address you provide.

Change Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook privacy settings using MyFacePrivacy:

MyFacePrivacy is pretty handy freeware, when it comes to protecting your privacy in multiple social networks. It has a simple and easy to use interface. There are four pre-built privacy levels, that you can choose to apply. The privacy levels include: Maximum Privacy, this share’s your information with only your close friends. The second one is Recommended Privacy, this shares your photos, videos, post, and interests with all your friends and personal information with only close ones. The third is Minimal Privacy, this protects you from identity theft and all your posts are shared with all users, and finally Unrestricted, this makes all your post and information available to all.

All that is required from your end is select the desired one and click on Apply Settings.

However, before choosing the settings and applying them to your social network account, make sure that you have your close friends added in the Close Friends list in the software. To do that, click on Edit my close friends button on the interface. This automatically shows a list of all your friends. Simply select all your close friends from the list and click on the arrow buttons.

MyFacePrivacy - adding friends to My close friends list

One good thing about the freeware is, you can give custom settings as well, where you have more freedom to choose. To give more advance custom settings, simply click on Advance button or (Customized Settings button). This opens all necessary custom settings toggle buttons containing necessary privacy settings fields. Finally, when done click Apply Settings.

MyFacePrivacy - advanced privacy settings

However, there’s one limitation in the freeware. You can change and apply privacy settings on only one account at a time. In order to apply settings to another account, you have to apply settings and close the freeware first, and then reopen the freeware and login with different account, again.

MyFacePrivacy - loggin into Twitter, Facebook, Google  , or LinkedIn

This freeware also has a feature using which you can set the automatic scan for privacy settings contradictions, to see whether there’s a contradiction between the account’s current privacy settings and the settings that you applied using MyFacePrivacy. And if there’s any, then you’ll get an email notifying you about the contradiction. To enable this feature click on Admin tab, choose days, give time, and enter valid email address.

MyFacePrivacy - setting auto scan on and providing email address

Key features of MyFacePrivacy:

  • Completely free.
  • Software to change and manage Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook privacy settings.
  • 4 levels of privacy to choose.
  • Give advance privacy settings.
  • Option to auto check for privacy specification contradictions and get email notifications.
  • Set up parental control.
  • Save and load settings.
  • Simple, easy, and effective.

Here’s a good Chrome Extension, that also does the task of managing privacy settings of Facebook, Google, and more site you visit.

Final note:

MyFacePrivacy is a good freeware to choose. It’s sure is handy and helps in protecting your privacy in social network. Besides the one single limitation, aforementioned, it is all functional and effective.

Try MyFacePrivacy here.

You might also like checking out PrivacyDefender, that helps you to manage Facebook privacy settings.

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