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SimpleShell is a website that encourages people to learn Linux with their free online Linux shell. You can use all those features that you would find in a regular offline (installed) Linux’s Shell. You can launch and have access to this free online Linux shell right from your browser.

As this online Linux shell is pre-installed, you would not require any knowledge of installation to begin with. You would not even require to sign up. If you want to just try out Linux before installing it into your computer, then what could be better than a free online Linux Shell?

Free online linux shell - SimpleShell

There are lots of websites that tells you about what Linux is and some Linux commands. There are those which teaches you the basics of Linux to help you get started. However, a website with free access to an online Linux shell is something that would go hand in hand while you’re reading those informative articles about Linux. SimpleShell lets you have access to Linux shell that you can access right from your browser without moving on to a separate operating environment.

How do I get started?

You finally made up your lazy mind to learn Linux but worried about the installation and setting up the system. But, you should not fret because SimpleShell doesn’t ask you to install or setup anything. You don’t even have to sign up with a username and password.

All you have to do is to visit their website and click on the “Start my session” button to start using this online Linux shell. As this shell works through Java, it is cross-platform and you can pop it up from any of the browsers available.

What all can I do with SimpleShell?

You will very soon reach a stage where you would be comfortable (I am sure you will) with all those mostly used Linux commands and tools. Now you might want to try your luck with programming with Linux. SimpleShell lets you have access to all those programming languages that you might be using with Windows.

Free online linux shell - SimpleShell - Programming with SimpleShell

With SimpleShell’s online Linux shell, you can have access to gcc (C Complier for Linux), g++, python, svn, perl, php and lot more. You can also have access to some of the network utilities like ftp, ssh, netcat, wget, etc., This is a useful feature with SimpleShell as you might require to install these packages with a new Linux system. And yes, I can’t forget to tell you about those text editors that you like to use like, nano, vim, emacs etc.


SimpleShell definitely encourages you to learn Linux as they provide this free online Linux shell that you can access right from your browser. As this is cross-platform and Java being its key ingredient, you don’t have to install a separate Linux environment or worry about the process of setting up things.

Preinstalled with all the tools you would need to learn Linux, this is one of the perfect tools when you’re new and just at starting point. The only limitation that I could find with this online Linux shell is the time limit of 15 minutes that would be insufficient sometimes. However, you can always refresh the page and restart the shell.

SimpleShell should be an option for you when you want to educate a group of students about Linux. It might come handy while you conduct online classes and students can catch up with the lessons and try out the commands on this online Linux shell. I am going to tell my buddies about this like I told you. Try this out and you’ll like it.

Visit SimpleShell – Free online Linux Shell

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