5 Free iPhone Quote Apps

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Here is a list of 5 free iPhone quote apps for reading inspirational and motivational quotes at any time. All the apps included by me in this article are absolutely free and there is no need of registration to use them.

These apps have great quotes from various famous legends and celebrities of World. You can also use these apps to get quotes for specific occasions and events. These quotes can give you a fresh head start each day whether you are a student, employee or an owner. The apps in this list also have support for sharing the quotes on various social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, mail etc.

1. Inspirational Quote of the Day by SparkPeople:

Inspirational Quote of the Day by SparkPeople

The first iPhone quote app is Inspirational Quote of the Day by SparkPeople. This app displays you a fresh quote everyday. If you don’t want to wait for 24 hrs to get a fresh quote, then you can scroll through all the quotes by swiping on the screen either in left or right. The best thing about this app is that it also gives you an explanation for each of the quote included in the app. You can read the explanation to get more insightful and deeper understanding of the quote. The app lets you share the quotes by Facebook and email.

Get Inspirational Quote of the Day by SparkPeople here.

2. Quote It:

Quote It

The second quote app for iPhone is Quote It. This app has a very wide collection of quotes from different authors and great personalities of World. This app lets you mark the quotes you like as Favorite. The app also has in-built voice support for reading out the quotes to you. You can choose to read the quotes either in random manner or as per they are sorted in the app. The app lets you share the quotes via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, mail, and any other app installed on your device. The app also lets you edit the quotes easily from your app.

Get Quote It here.

3. Quote of the Day: Share Inspirational Quotes Daily:

Quote of the Day: Share Inspirational Quotes Daily

Quote of the Day: Share Inspirational Quotes Daily is another iPhone quote app which provides you with one new quote each day to start your day. You can also scroll through the old quotes which have already been displayed on previous days. You can share the quotes you like via Twitter, Facebook, mail. The quotes can also be saved as image file to your iPhone. The app also has a collection of various eye-pleasing background images which you can change anytime by just swiping on the screen.

Get Quote of the Day: Share Inspirational Quotes Daily here.

4. iFamousQuotes:


iFamousQuotes is one of the simple quote app for iPhone. All the quotes in this app are categorized on the basis of authors. The app also comes with in-built search bar for searching for any author or any quote. While reading the quotes, the app doesn’t show any visuals or attractive backgrounds. You just see the quote with only one sharing platform supported. You can share the quotes only via email using this app. This app will be useful for you if you are only interested in reading some great quotes without worrying much about rest of the things.

Get iFamousQuotes here.

5. 53,000+ Famous Quotes:

53,000+ Famous Quotes

The final app in the list 53,000+ Famous Quotes. It is one the best quote app if you are looking for an app with a neat placement of options on the screen. All the options and menus are well placed in this app. You can make them visible or invisible with just one tap. The app lets you mark the quotes as Favorite and share them via Facebook, Twitter, and mail.

Get 53,000+ Famous Quotes here.

With this final app, I conclude my list of 5 free iPhone quote apps. Try these apps and get fresh inspiring and motivating quotes everyday. If you find any quote really cool, then these apps also let you share it with others. So, do try them and share the name of the app which you liked the most with me.

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