5 Online Secret Message Maker Websites Free

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Secret messages are used to deliver messages secretly without being suspicious. Most of the time, the message is hidden in plain sight. Personally, making secret message is amusing especially in the holiday season when you have to give people gifts. You can use it as a riddle or hide the name on the gift, or anything you find entertaining.

In this article, I compiled a list of 5 free online secret message maker websites. Each of these websites covers a different way to make or send secret messages. Some of them create printable sheets where the secret message is not so hard to decrypt. These websites are good for that holiday entertainment. Whereas, some websites use strong encryption techniques such as steganography, algorithms, etc. to hide the message. So, let’s dive in and discuss them one by one.

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5 Online Secret Message Maker Websites Free:

Secret Message (TheTeachersRoom.net)

online secret message maker free

The first website on this list to make secret message online is TheTeachersRoom.net. This website has a free secret message maker tool that uses a set of symbols to hide the message. Just below the secret message, it shows a legend with symbols and alphabets arranged in a specific order. One can decode the message by figuring out the arrangement of the legend.

To make a secret message here, you can enter a title for the secret message and type your message. Then, you can customize the appearance and hardness of the message using the given options. This tool has 10 sets of symbols ranging from easy to hard. You can choose any of those symbol set for your message and choose a color for the legend. You can also choose a Decor Style for the message background. It also gives you an option to set an image as message background. After making the secret message, you can print the secret message along with the legend. You can also print an Answer Key for the message as well.

Make secret message online with this free website here.

Puzzle Maker (DiscoveryEducation.com)

hide secret message in word puzzle

DiscoveryEducation.com is an education website that has a free Puzzle Maker tool which you can use to make secret messages. This tool hides the secret message by adding random alphabets around it making everything look obsolete. You can also input your own set of words to add around the message in order to make it hard to guess the message. Then, in the end, you can create an HTML version of the puzzle for printing purposes, or make text version for easy copy-pasting.

Now, making a hidden secret message is an easy and step-by-step process. First, you can add a title for the message and type your message. Then, you can set the number of rows and columns for random letters for the grid that hides the message. Here, you can add a grid of 15×15 to 40×40. After that, select the output type and enter the string of alphabet for the grid. Once all done, you can create a printable puzzle with the hidden message by tapping the “Create my Puzzle” button.

Give this free online secret message maker a try here.

Secret Message Maker (Abcya.com)

online secret message maker free

The next website to make secret message online is Abcya.com. This is an educational website for kids. This website has a free secret message maker tool which you can use to make printable secret messages. The message is not as secret as in case of other websites that because it’s for kids. You can use this tool to make secret messages which can be solved by a kid.

The procedure of making such secret messages is straightforward here. All you have to do is type your secret message and click the Preview button. Then, it shows you a preview your secret message which has the top half of the words missing. It also has hinds for all the characters. From there, you can save this secret message sheet as a PNG file or print it to PDF.

Try this free online genogram maker here.

Steganography (ManyTools.org)

encrypt secret message online

The next secret message maker website on this list takes the things one step ahead. This website uses steganography to hide the secret message within an image. This is a really nice way to deliver a message without being suspicious.

To do that, first, type a message inside the given text box and then upload an image as an host-image to encode the message inside. Make sure the image is under 256 KB size limit. Then, click the “Steganogra-fy” to get the resulted image with the secret message. Similarly, you can also hide an image within an image here.

Now, to decode the secret message from the image, first, mark the “Decode this image instead” checkbox and then upload the image in the host-image slot. This will extract the secret message from the image and show it to you.

Make secret message using steganography here.


send secret message online free

OneTimeSecret.com is a free website to securely share sensitive information online. Unlike other websites on this list, this website uses various encryption algorithms to keep your message secure and private. You can protect your message with a passphrase which will be required to decrypt the message. The secret message is only shown once. On top of that, you can also set an expiration time for the message.

To send a secret message using this service, first enter your message in the given textbox. Then type a passphrase for the message and select an expiration duration for it. After that, click the “Create a secret link” button. This gives you a link which you can send to the person whom you want to deliver the secret message. That person can view your message on this link by entering the correct passphrase.

Send secret message with OneTimeSecret here.

Final Verdict

These are the 5 free online secret message maker websites. Depending on your needs, any of these websites can help you make secret messages. If you want a printable output, then you can go with any of the first three websites, otherwise, you can use the rest two whose secret messages are impossible to guess/crack for intermediates.

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