4 Online Roof Pitch Calculator Free Websites

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Here is a list of 4 free online roof pitch calculator websites. Roof pitch is the slope which is created by rafters. To calculate roof pitch, proportion between run and rise of building roof or angle made by rafters with horizontal is needed. These sites help you easily calculate roof pitch.

All sites are good enough to provide roof pitch angle. Some sites provide other features also. For example, you can see the diagram that shows roof pitch, building rise and run, calculate roof pitch by adding angle, check slope percentage for roof pitch based on the input values, check roof pitch ratio (standard ratio is x:12), and more.

Let’s start with the first free online roof pitch calculator.


Omnicalculator website

Omnicalculator.com provides a very simple and useful roof pitch calculator. You can calculate rafter length needed, roof pitch angle, roof pitch percentage, and roof pitch ratio (in terms of x:12). The output can also be shared with others. The calculator has a beautiful interface where you just need to enter run and rise length. The length can be set in millimeters, meters, feet, yards, miles, kilometers, etc.

Based on the input values and value type (inch, centimeters, etc.), the output is generated. The output comes quickly. You don’t even need to use some calculate button or wait for the tab refresh to get the output.



Inchcalculator also provides a very simple but handy roof pitch calculator feature. It also lets you calculate roof pitch by just entering rise and run. The output will show you pitch output, slope (or grade) percentage, angle, and radians.

Another interesting feature is you can also calculate roof pitch by providing the angle (in degrees). Based on the input angle, the output will be provided to you. This website also lets you share the output by providing a direct link for the calculation made by you.


pole-barn.info roof pitch calculator

Pole-barn.info website provides features similar to Inchcalculator website. That means you can calculate roof pitch by adding angle or building rise and run. The building run and rise are entered in feet and inches. Both the results, roof pitch calculation by angle and roof pitch calculation by building run and rise, are provided on the same box.

A good feature it provides is a sample diagram that shows building run and rise, building width, wall height, etc. This will help you easily understand about different parts and the output calculation.


mycarpentry.com website

Mycarpentry.com website is another simple website which has a good online roof pitch calculator. Just provide building rise and run values and the results will be in front of you. The input values are entered in inches. The results will show you:

  • Roof angle in degrees.
  • Roof length in inches, and
  • Slope (in x:12 ratio).
  • Roof pitch needed.

Just like Pole-barn.info website (mentioned above), it also gives a dummy diagram where it shows roof angle, wall stud, wall plates, and other details. This is all it does.

The Conclusion:

These are the handy online roof pitch calculator websites. The estimated output comes good based on the input values. All these sites are good in providing the output, so you try all these sites, and then check which one is more suitable for you.

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