5 Free Web Proxy Sites to Access Web Anonymously, Bypass Censorship

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Here are 5 free web proxy websites to access web anonymously, bypass censorship. With these websites, you can use online proxy to block sites and surf internet from different locations. The advantage of using these websites is that you don’t have to install any add on or software in your PC. Just go to the homepage of these websites, specify the target site’s URL in them and start browsing. All of these websites offer certain locations that you can use to start browsing any website. In addition to that, you can opt for some options like encrypting URL while browsing, allow cookies and other site data while you are connected through any of these web proxy.

Although you can use some VPN or proxy software to do the same, if you don’t want any third party tool then these websites will be helpful. You can open almost any website and then do whatever you want. However, I will recommend you to not to use these websites for illegal purposes. All these websites in this list are free and you can use them for educational or testing purposes.

Free Web Proxy Sites to Access Web Anonymously, Bypass Censorship

5 Free Web Proxy Sites to Access Web Anonymously, Bypass Censorship:


ProxySite in action

ProxySite is free online web proxy service that you can use. It is a simple website that offers a list of some proxy servers to use for browsing. In the server list, you can see locations like Europe, USA, etc. Enter the desired URL that you want to surf and it will open that for you on its page and you can browse that usually. And while you are browsing the target website, it is being accessed from the selected location. You can choose any location from the list that it supports to open any website to bypass censorship or any other purpose. After you have opened a website through this web proxy, you can opt for some other options. For example, you can allow cookies, remove scripts, block ads, and some others. There is no sign up or registration process for the website. Just access it from the URL above and start using it right away.


Hide me free web proxy

Hide.me is also a simple web proxy website that provides you anonymous proxy. Without installing any additional software or tool, you can browse any blocked website from 3 different locations that it supports. Currently it has added Netherlands, USA, and Germany as the locations from where you can access a website by a simply entering its URL. Just like the website above, before opening any website through web proxy, it gives you certain options that you can choose. Here it allows you to encrypt the page, allowing cookies, encrypt the URL, remove object like options. The website is simple and you can start using it right away after you reach its homepage. Just enter the URL of the target website that you want to surf, choose a proxy server, and then hit the “Visit anonymously” button. It will open the website on its page and you can do whatever you want then.


KProxy free web proxy online

KProxy is another free online web proxy site which is strong and simple. It uses some public proxy servers to open a website you want and offers a fairly high speed. There are 10 different public proxy servers that you can choose to open a website. It doesn’t offer other additional options like other websites but it is extremely fast as compared to the other websites in the list. You can open and unlock almost any website using this web proxy site and hide your IP while accessing. Also, when you connect through this web proxy it encrypts connection so that the intruders will not have access to your data whatever you send over through this network. It has an extremely simple interface that you can use to open a website and also it comes as a browser extension if you want to use it. The browser extension of KProxy is available for Chrome and Firefox.


VPNBook free web proxy

VPNBOOK is yet another free web proxy website that you can try and surf internet. It is a very straightforward website where you just have to enter the target URL you want to open. It immediately opens the entered URL on the same page and you can start browsing. There are three different proxy servers from different location and there is a fourth option as well of random proxy server. If the location is not a big concern, then you can use the random proxy server to browse the website. This is quite intelligent website and it automatically blocks the scripts on the websites you open through it. If you try to open Facebook, Twitter like websites then it will open their mobile version (because it blocks scripts by default). Also, here it doesn’t give you the options to allow cookies or deal with the objects. It simply protect your original IP from being exposed and uses 256 bit SSL encryption for the browsing session.


Whoer web proxy free online

Whoer.net is the last web proxy site in my list to use with ease. There are around 10 different proxy servers on the website that you can choose to surf internet. In addition to that there is an option to choose a proxy server randomly. You can open any website in it by simply entering its URL. When you use this website as a web proxy, it automatically take care of certain things like cookies and encryption of URL. Using this website is extremely simple. You just have to open its homepage, select a proxy server and then specify the URL you want to open. Simple as that. In addition to the web proxy, Whoer.net offers other tools as well that you will like. Using this website you can see if the VPN you are using is leaking your IP. Also the website is very powerful to identify DNS leaks if there are any in your connection.

Final words

These are the best free web proxy websites that I have listed. You can use any of these websites to anytime and stay anonymous while surfing the internet. In some countries there are websites like YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, etc., are blocked and the web proxies that I have mentioned above can unblock them easily. Also, the websites are good option if you want to browse websites by blocking the ads, scripts, and prevent your IP being exposed to the network watchers. So, if you are looking for some free web proxy sites, then the above list will surely come in handy.

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