5 Free Online PUB To PDF Converter Websites

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Here are 5 free online PUB to PDF converter websites. Whenever you have to convert a Microsoft Publisher format (.pub) file to PDF file, these websites will come in handy. Some of these websites can bulk convert PUB to PDF files and other sites support one PUB file at a time for conversion.

Some online PUB to PDF converters in this list also come with unique features. For example, you can merge all PUB files as single PDF file, add password protection for output PDF files, upload PUB files from your Dropbox or Google Drive account, etc.

So, let’s begin with first free online PUB to PDF converter website.


online2pdf.com website with pub to pdf converter tool

Online2PDF.com website comes with its separate PUB to PDF converter tool, and it has a lot of interesting features. It is a very powerful PUB to PDF converter tool because of its features. You can use it to:

  • Bulk convert PUB to PDF files. Maximum 20 PUB files can be added at a time.
  • Set page range for each individual PUB file and the output will come as per the set range.
  • Get a single PDF file of all the converted PUB files.
  • Get separate PDF files for all the input PUB files.
  • Add password protection for output PDFs.
  • Add header and footer in each output PUB file, etc.

These are the great features that we get with this website. Even if it has so many features, using this website is really simple. Upload PUB files, then set options, and get the output PDF files. The maximum size for a single PUB file is 100 MB. And if you are uploading multiple PUB files, then the combined size must not be greater than 150 MB.

All your files are also removed from servers after the conversion and downloading process is done.

Convert Publisher to PDF

Convert Publisher to PDF

Convert Publisher to PDF (Homepage) is one of my favorite websites for converting PUB to PDF files. It can convert only one PUB file at a time, but the good thing is that there is no file size limit to upload PUB file. So if you have to convert a very large PUB file, then this website is definitely helpful for you. Upload a PUB from PC and it will convert it and give you the download link for output PDF file.

One more interesting feature comes with this website is that you can upload PUB file from your OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive accounts. Simply connect any of these accounts, upload your PUB file, and then the output will be in front of you.

This website also deletes all your files from servers after 6 hours.



PUB to PDF (Homepage) is another fantastic website to convert PUB file to PDF file. You can upload maximum 20 PUB files at a time and convert them to PDF in real-time. By the word real-time, I mean as soon as a PUB file is uploaded, it automatically converts it to PDF file. All the input PUB files are visible in a row and thumbnail of each PUB file is visible after conversion.

After conversion, you can download all PUB files at once in a zip file or grab PUB files one by one. Overall, this is a simple and very useful PUB to PDF conversion website and a good competitor to rest of the websites present in this list.


OnlineConvert.com pub to pdf converter

OnlineConvert.com is an all in one file converter that can convert eBooks, images, documents, audio video, etc. Among all these file conversions, PUB to PDF conversion is also supported. This website lets you upload a PUB file from PC, online PUB file URL, Dropbox, and Google Drive. So you have different options to upload PUB file. Once the PUB file is added, use Convert file button. This will upload the file and begin the conversion.

This is all we get with this PUB to PDF conversion website. It has a very simple interface and task to convert PUB to PDF is done very well.

You can upload maximum 100 MB PUB file at a time and convert it. All your uploaded files are deleted after 10 downloads or 24 hours, whichever meets first.

Convert PUB to PDF Online

Online PUB to PDF Online

Convert PUB to PDF Online (homepage) is the simplest website in this entire list. It can convert one PUB file at a time and provide the output as PDF file. File size limit is not mentioned on the homepage of this website, but I was able to convert 11 MB PUB file very easily.

Using this PUB to PDF converter website is very simple. Just upload a PUB file, use Convert Now! button, and you will get the output as PDF file.

Your file is kept on servers for 8 hours only and then it is deleted from servers.

The Verdict:

Here I wrap up my online PUB to PDF converters list. I have added some very simple to advanced PUB to PDF file converter websites in this list. Use any website as per your comfort. My favorite PUB to PDF convert in this list is 2nd website (Convert Publisher to PDF). If you need a powerful Microsoft Publisher to PDF converter website, then you should try Online2PDF.com (website placed at #1 position).

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