3 Best Free Online PDF Word Counter Websites

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Here are 3 free online PDF word counter Websites. There exist some really good PDF page counter and PDF readers but those tools don’t come with PDF word count feature. So, if you need to check the total number of words available in some PDF file, these websites may come in handy. All these websites let you upload PDF from PC and then give you the result as the total number of words present in your PDF file.

A few unique features are also present in these PDF word counter websites. For example, you can upload an online PDF to check word count, add multiple PDF files, see the total number of characters present in PDF file, get reading time estimation, check the total number of lines, paragraphs present in input PDF, etc.

Do note these websites work better when PDF contains only plain text content. If there are images or some text content available as an image, then the result won’t come as per the expectations. Also, these PDF word counter websites won’t work for scanned PDFs. In that case, you first need to convert scanned PDF to searchable PDF and then upload the PDF to check the total number of words.

So, let’s begin with the first free PDF word count website.

Online Word Counter

Online Word Counter interface

Online Word Counter (Homepage) is one of the best PDF word counter websites on this list. It has endless features that I like a lot. You can upload an online PDF file or select a PDF from PC to check the total number of words in the input PDF file. Apart from showing the total words available in a PDF file, it generates many other stats. For example, it shows the total number of characters, sentences, lines, paragraphs, numerals, and punctuation’s available in the input PDF file. It also shows word density (how many times a word is used), average read time and spell time for the PDF file. You can also use it to count words for MS Word, ePub, Excel, HTML, and TXT files.

I was also surprised to know that it comes with the feature to edit input PDF file text and then save it as in same PDF format, or as Word, ePub, TXT, or FB2 file. So, pretty good features come with this online PDF word counter.

The file size limit for input PDF is not mentioned but I was able to check the words of a PDF file having 12 MB size. You may check it yourself if it supports large PDF files.

Kennis Counter

Kennis Counter

Kennis Counter is also a very good online PDF word count. One of its best features is it lets you upload multiple PDF files and then it shows the total number of words, new and repeated words for all PDF files together. Its bulk PDF upload feature is surely good but sometimes it failed to show the result. Therefore, using it to check word count of a single PDF file is better than uploading multiple PDF files.

This website also comes with a unique feature. It lets you view all words available in PDF file, the total number of segments, PDF language, and relevant words. This is definitely a strong competitor to rest of the PDF word counter websites.

PDF file size limit is not mentioned on the website. So, you need to check yourself what is the total size limit and size limit for a single PDF file.

PDF Word Count

PDF Word Count website interface

PDF Word Count (Homepage) is the simplest website in this list. Only the main feature is available to use. You can upload PDF file from PC and use “Count” button to get the result. Additionally, you can also exclude numbers from input PDF to check PDF word count.

This is all we get with this online PDF word counter. The website is good to use as it gives expected result. Still, the biggest limitation is the maximum file size for PDF. It supports maximum 2 MB size PDF file. So, the website is mainly useful to count words of small PDFs only. If you have small PDF files and want to check their word count quickly, then this website can be given a try.

The Conclusion:

So, these are some good online PDF word counter options available that you can try. Among all these websites, the first website is better. This is because of the features available in this online PDF word counter. It shows the total number of words, characters, sentences, paragraphs, and many other details. If you also know some free online PDF word counter that you want me to add to this list, then feel free to share it using the Comments section.

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