5 Free Cooking Games for Windows 10

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This article covers 5 free cooking games for Windows 10. All the game apps let you play chef and cook different dishes. Most of the games would make you to be a pizza or burger chef. Those are the more popular items to be sold in a restaurant and are easy to cook. The games let you start at a easy level with only one type of dish to be served. As you level up and move forward the difficulty increases as there are more dishes added with more ingredients.

All the cooking games can be downloaded free from the Windows 10 store. These games are pretty fun to play with easy to follow instructions. Let’s look at these free cooking games for Windows 10 below.

Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever is a free cooking game for Windows 10. In this game you have to run a restaurant making burgers for your customers. You start with burgers and you can expand your menu as you go further in the game. Each level will have a target for your achieve in terms of coins that you earn. The coins that you earn can be used to upgrade your kitchen. You can fulfill customer orders quickly with upgraded kitchen and earn more coins. The game difficulty keeps on increasing with each level as things that you have to manage keep on increasing. So keep playing and make sure to keep your customers happy.

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Pizza Cafe

Pizza Cafe is a free Windows 10 cooking game app. In this game app you need to make pizza for your customers. You start with the basic cheese pizza and with each level you cross there will be new pizza recipes added for you to cook. There is a recipe book on your counter from where you can check out different recipes for different pizza’s. The phone in the restaurant is used to order ingredients that you run out of. You level goal is displayed on screen towards the right side at all times. When the game starts initially you are shown a tutorial on how to make a pizza and deliver to your customers. After that you can take over the whole cooking on your own. There are customers who are waiting and who just arrived with the same order, so make sure that the ones who have been waiting get their order first. Just keep an eye on your goal at all times.

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Bear Restaurant

Bear Restaurant is a free cooking game for Windows 10 with cute little animals as customers and cook. In this game app you have a cute little bear as your chef and animals like panda, cat, fox, etc. as your customers. The animals come in and order food. Now the bear chef has to put all the ingredients together and cook the dishes for the customers. Then serve them to the customers as well. After they are done eating you have to clean and wash the dishes as well. Also you are required to keep the restaurant clean. There is a mini mice game which you can also play to earn extra coins.

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Happy Chef 2

Happy Chef 2 is a free cooking game app. In this game you start with making pizza and serving them to customers. You start with making basic pizza’s and then ingredients keep on adding as you go further. You earn coins in each level which you can use to upgrade your restaurant. Each level will have a target for you and a super target to achieve. Customers keep coming and you need to keep serving them with food in time, before they loose patience and leave. The number of customers coming in would be displayed at the top of the screen. So keep cooking and earning coins.

Stand O’ Food City

Stand O’ Food City is a free cooking game for Windows 10. In this game app you have to assemble burgers and fast. You work at a fast food restaurant and you have burger material behind you. You have to assemble burgers according to what customers want. The customers lose patience very quick in this game, so try and assemble burgers quickly, before you lose a customer. There are different type of burgers to be made for different customers along with adding sauces and all. You do have the option to undo a step which you did not intend to make. There are extra plates on the counter to hold food which is not needed yet.


These are the 5 free cooking games for Windows 10 where you play the chef and help cook dishes. All the games are quite fun and let you cook different dishes to serve to your customers. Cooking Fever is definitely the one I liked the most, as it starts with a small tutorial and is easy going initially. So you get used to of how things are going and then the difficulty level increases gradually. So try these games out and see which one you like.

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