Voice Changer App for Android To Change your Voice

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Voice Changer App is an application for Android phones which allows you to change your voice into other funny voices. You have to first record your voice in this Voice Changer app and then choose the preset for your voice change. This is a very simple to use app with very few features in it. It can even be used by kids to have some fun with family and friends.

Using this Voice Changer app for Android,  you can record messages in your voice and change it to robot voice, children voice and other creatures voice like, mosquito, mouse, aliens etc. You can play it to your friends or family or share it on Facebook.

Voice Changer App

Features of Voice Changer App for Android:

  • Very easy and fun to use.
  • Simple Interface makes the app user friendly.
  • Has a Recording option. You can record your voice inside the app itself.
  • Has many voice presets to choose from.
  • The voices seem real and funny.
  • Has feature to share on Facebook.

This app does not have features to import recordings and sounds and neither does it let you edit them. Other than sharing on Facebook and playing it that instant, there is no option to save and listen to them later. If you want a Voice Changer app with more features than this, you can try Change My Voice or Ultra Voice Changer. You can also try Voice Changer for Skype.

Voice Types in Voice Changer App for Android:

The Voice Changer app has more than 10 voice types to choose from. You can change the voice that you recorded in the Android app to any one of the voice types that are given in the application.

Voice Changer_Play and Share

The voice presets given are listed below:

  • Robot voice: It has many types of robotic voice presets that differ from one another.
  • Normal voice: If you just want to hear your message to check it, you can use this preset.
  • Alien voice: The alien voice sounds very funny. It really gives an alien effect.
  • Children Voice: The Voice Changer App has two children voices, one of a girl and the other of a boy. The voices are very sweet and would surely remind you of your childhood.
  • Parrot Voice: Use this  Voice Changer app to get the effect of a parrot’s voice. Record and play messages for your loved ones.
  • Chipmunks Voice: Loved Alvin and the Chipmunks? You would surely love this voice preset, too. Record a song and play it in chipmunks style.
  • Mouse Voice: This preset will change your voice into a Mouse’s voice.
  • Mosquito Voice: This can be used to play pranks with friends and siblings.

Final Verdict:

Voice Changer App for Android can change your recorded voice into other funny voices. I found this app fun. Using this app to change your voice into other creatures’ voices was a good way to pass some time and refresh yourself. Though I would love if we could at least save the voices, but otherwise liked it.

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