Securstick: Free Portable File Encryption Software

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If you’re looking for a free portable encrypting software; SecurStick is the ideal free encryption software to download. This unique portable software is able to be carried on a USB memory stick. Indeed this file encrypting software is compatible with any Windows computer and, as it encrypts files, is the safest way to transport sensitive or personnel material. Using this free encryption program is a simple procedure.

How to Use SecurStick:

Once you have download and unzipped SecurStick, copy it to your USB drive. Following this by double clicking on the file and opening the window that informs you the program is running. Leave  it running.

Your computer’s browser will also open and ask you to create a password for the encryption software. It is important to enter a password that is unique but at the same time, not easily forgotten. Once you’ve created the password, check the “Encrypt file name” . Once you have followed the instructions carefully, you’ll be taken to the “Safe-Zone”. It is from this area where you are free to copy your files to the USB drive. You’ll also notice that, within the Safe-Zone, there is a virtual network drive. As you copy your files, SecurStick will automatically encrypt each file as it is copied; therefore copying time is longer than the copying of unencrypted files.

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You are also able to manually locate files on the memory stick by simply entering the USB drive letter and the following formula \encrdata\data. Use this address only if you want to visually confirm what is on the memory stick. once all copying is complete, you are able to close SecurStick by two methods. one is to shut down the SecurStick free encryption program itself and the other is to shut down the computer’s browser. It is important to make sure you remove all traces of the files copied to the computer’s cache folder.

SecurStick is a very handy file encrypting tool and well worth, people who handle sensitive material on a daily basis, having at their disposal. Indeed this free encryption software is able to be used on any computer drive – not only a USB drive.

Download SecurStick free.

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