Filter WhatsApp Chats for Cuss Words, Refine Slangs

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Here is a simple method to filter out cuss words in WhatsApp Chats and refine slangs. There two types of people, one who likes to express themselves with cuss words and others who don’t. If you fall into the second category then you can use this method to filter out the cuss words and make them unreadable replaced by an asterisk (*).

This works with a free browser extension that lets you filter out chats on WhatsApp Web. Apart from hiding cuss words, it can also refine slang. Since lots of people use slang, this extension allows you to expand your slang vocabulary. You can add new slang to the database and when someone sends you that slang you can just refine it within a click to get its meaning in the chat. With that said, let’s see how it’s done.

Filter WhatsApp Chats for Particular Words, Refine Slangs

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Filter WhatsApp Chats for Cuss Words, Refine Slangs


What’s That is a free extension that you can use for this purpose. It is available for Google Chrome. Unfortunately, this extension is not available on the Chrome Web Store. To get this extension, you have to download it from the website. This gives you a ZIP file which you have to extract.

whatsapp chat filter

Once you have the ZIP file extracted, go to the extensions page in Google Chrome. Toggle the “Developer mode” from the top right corner to enable it. After that, click on the “Load unpacked” button and select the folder you extracted from the downloaded ZIP file. Doing this will add the extension to your browser.


filter keywords on whatsapp chat

After installing the extension, you can use it to filter and refine WhatsApp Chats. When clicked, the extension shows two options

  • Filter Chat: Replaced the cuss words with asterisks.
  • Refine Chat: Replaces the slangs with their meanings.

filter and refine whatsapp

All you have to do is click those buttons to do the respective things. Apart from refining and filtering the chat, you can also filter your input text. Simply type your text and click the filter button next to it. It works for both, cuss words and slangs.

add and refine slangs on whatsapp

By default, the extension words with the common cuss words and slangs. And it allows you to add new cuss words and slang to the database. You can access this feature from extension options. There you get options to add and remove cuss words and slang words.

Closing Words

This is how you can filter out WhatsApp Chats for cuss words and refine slang. It’s a nice way to stay up to date with slang and keep your chats clean for words that you don’t like to appear in your chats.

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