Create To-do List from Your Important Gmail Emails [Chrome]

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InboxVudu for Gmail (beta) is a free Chrome extension to automatically create to-do list from your important emails. The list will show the tasks that need attention. For example, if somebody asks you to send documents, schedule a meeting, asks some question, etc., this extension will automatically create the to-do list of those emails. This way, you don’t have to open your Gmail account again and again to check for important emails and reply to those emails. This extension will remind you of the important tasks that you need to finish.

Apart from this, it also creates the list of Follow Ups. That means it creates the lists of the tasks of those emails that you send to people. The extension first analyses your Inbox and Sent emails, and then generates the lists of important tasks and tasks that you might want to follow up. Moreover, this extension automatically updates the list of tasks and follow-ups when you get new emails.

InboxVudu for Gmail- automatically create to-do list from your important emails in Gmail

The screenshot above shows the pop up of this extension with the list of important tasks.

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Other Key Features of this Email to To Do List Extension are:

  • When a particular task is done, you can mark it as resolved, to remove it from the list.
  • Its extension icon shows the total number of important tasks pending for you.
    view total number of important tasks in extension icon
  • You can also delete any task from the list.
  • Option to Reply to a particular task is also available. However, this doesn’t mean that you can reply to that particular email directly from the pop-up. Instead of that, clicking on Reply option will open that email in a new tab so that you can reply.

How to Create to-do List from Your Important Gmail Emails using This Chrome Extension?

Use this link to install this Chrome extension. When the extension is installed, you will find its icon next to the Omnibox. Now the very first thing you need to do is connect your Gmail account with InboxVudu. After this, it will start analyzing your Incoming and outcoming mails. This process may take a few minutes.

connect InboxVudu with your Gmail account

When the analysis is completed, it will generate the list of important tasks and follow-ups. A desktop notification is also provided to show you the total number of emails that need action and follow up emails.

desktop notification

You can click that notification or use extension icon to open the pop-up. After this, the list of tasks of important emails that need action will be visible to you.

view list of important tasks in a pop up

You can click on any task to open the associated email on your Gmail account and reply to that email. When a task is done, you can mark it resolved to remove it from the list. Just next to important tasks (or Highlights), Follow Ups tab is also available that you can use to check tasks generated for emails that you send to people and didn’t get the response.

list of Follow Ups tasks


InboxVudu for Gmail works very well and technology used to create to-do list from important emails is also good. However, it still needs improvement as few of my sent and Inbox mails that were important were not added in the to-do list. It might happen because of the keywords used in those emails weren’t recognized by this extension as important. Still, the overall performance of this extension is good and I can recommend you to try it.

Get InboxVudu for Gmail Chrome extension.

Editor Ratings:
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