Change Chrome Tab And Customize It With New MetroTab

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New Metro tab is an Chrome extension to change and customize your Chrome tab into an amazing vibrant tab. The interface is similar to Windows 8. Using this extension you can now manage all your applications, use social networking sites and also add more tiles if you wish to. All the applications you have downloaded would be visible in this new tab. You can access all your apps in a click. In this new tab you can customize the applications icon by changing the label, background colour, size etc. You can delete or install the app. You can add more tiles for the sites you visit regularly. There are also options available for changing the background and name of the new tab.

Have a look at the beautiful interface below:

new metro tab

Change Chrome Tab & Explore More With New Metro Tab:

Once you have added this extension in your Chrome, you will find the above interface when you open a tab. The basic social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ are some pre set icons. Other than these, you would be able to see all the applications which you have installed in your Chrome in this tab. Now once you right click on any of the icons you will find some pop up options at the bottom of the interface.

See the screenshot below to understand how it will look like:

customize tile

Right clicking on the Facebook icon, you will see options like these. You can delete a tile from the new tab, change size of the tile from normal to large, change the icon by loading from file or from URL, change the background colour and change label. In case of applications, you can uninstall the app by right clicking and then choosing from the options.

You can add another tile for your frequently searched website and restore a previously removed tile from your username at the top right hand corner of your interface.

See the screenshot below to see how to add a tile:

add tile

Now, here you can provide the URL and give a name to your tile. You can change the background colour from the various options available. Basically, it will allow you to customize your tile in every possible way.

Also clicking on the options from the username you can change the appearance of the new tab. You can give an username and a nick name for your new tab and also change the background colour. There are many more options which are in experimental stage. There would be more options available once they start working for you to customize your new tab.

Features Of New Metro Tab:

  • You can directly access your social networking sites and mail from the New Tab.
  • You can manage your applications as well as, open or uninstall them.
  • Customize the background.
  • Add and customize the tiles.
  • Look alike of Windows 8 interface.
  • Free of cost.

Go to the link at the end of the article to add this extension to your chrome or search in chrome webstore.

Concluding Note:

I would recommend you to add this extension, as it will give a new and vibrant look to your homepage. You can access your frequently visited sites in a click and manage your applications easily. However, one problem I found in this extension is that there is no search engine. It would have been much better if they had Google, Bing in this New Tab. Other than this, it is perfect for your new home page.

Get the extension from here!

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