Automatic YouTube Note Taking Extension to Create Text Notes from YouTube Video

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Here is a free automatic YouTube note taking extension to create text notes from a YouTube video. You can set time (in seconds) and access a particular part of the input YouTube video. After that, it will automatically start taking notes from that part until the specified seconds. A new Google Docs document is created where it stores the notes. Once the document is ready, you can download the notes as Word or PDF file because it is the native feature of Google Docs. Or else, you can keep the notes on your Google Docs account. The extension that I have used for this purpose is named “Gnotes” and it is available for the Google Chrome browser.

As it creates a Google Docs document to store notes, you can also edit notes anytime you want. Apart from that, you can store more notes from the same video from different part and it will add those notes in the same document. A reference screenshot is also added in the document for that particular part so that you can remember the notes for that video part.

notes created from youtube video and stored in google docs document

In the screenshot above, you can see that the extension created notes from a YouTube video and stored those notes in a Google Docs document.

Note: This extension will store your notes to Google Docs account that you’re signed in to your Google Chrome browser. So, you should first change your Google account in Chrome browser to store the notes to the desired account.

How to Use This Free Automatic YouTube Note Taking Chrome Extension to Create Text Notes from YouTube Video?

Step 1: First of all, open this Chrome extension homepage and then install it.

Step 2: After installation, open a YouTube video, and then click this extension icon. A pop-up will open. Click on GNOTES icon.

open a youtube video and click extension icon

Step 3: A new tab will open. The extension will prompt you to share your screen using a pop-up. You need to switch to the Chrome tab section in that pop-up and then select the same URL that is associated with the current tab. After that, click on the Share button.

share your chrome tab

Step 4: Now the same video will start to play in the same tab. Go to a particular part of that video so that you can start the recording from that particular point. You need to open video in full screen and press ‘m‘ hotkey. A pop-up will open. Here, you can add the number of seconds to take notes from video and press OK.

set number of seconds

Step 5: Now, use the Generate button. The extension will start its work. It will automatically create a Google Docs document and store the text notes from that YouTube video.

download notes

You can use File menu and then access Download as option to save the notes as DOCX, PDF, TXT, ODT, or other supported formats.

You can select some other part of the video and then take notes from that particular part.

We’ve also covered some best free extensions to add notes to YouTube videos.

The Conclusion:

This Chrome extension is actually very useful when you have some really long educational video on YouTube. Instead of taking all the notes manually from that entire video, you can select the main part, and then automatically create text notes from that YouTube video. This is a worth trying automatic YouTube note taking Chrome extension.

Get this extension.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 3 Average: 3.7]
Works With: Google Chrome
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