Get Info of PCs Available on a Network, Access Shared Folders

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Bopup Scanner is a free software to get information of PCs available on a network. It shows the list of all PCs available in a particular IP range, active PCs in that range, their user names, MAC Addresses, IP addresses, and HTTP servers (if possible). You can either select the predefined IP range or enter a custom range to begin the scanning and find the PCs available on a network. Once the list is generated, you can also save that list as a plain text file for later analysis.

It also comes with a unique feature using which you can access the shared folders of any active PC. You need to enter the login credentials of the PC whose shared folder you want to access and then the shared folder(s) will be in front of you. Although this can also be done manually, but doing the same thing using this software becomes more convenient.

Bopup Scanner- view information of pcs available on a network

You can see its main interface visible in above screenshot and the list of PCs. The active PCs are indicated with a green light.

And in the screenshot below, you can see the list of PCs available on a network visible in the plain text file.

list of pcs available on a network

Get The Information of PCs Available On A Network and Access Their Shared Folders:

Bopup Scanner is a portable software. You can use this link to download its application file.

Launch that file to open its interface. The first time you will run the software, it will prompt you to select the IP range. You can also set other options, such as: set the time to wait for a response from the remote host, scan  for HTTP servers, select network interface card (if multiple cards are connected to your PC), etc.

set options

Press the OK button and you will come to the main interface. Now you need to click on Refresh button and it will start the scanning to find PCs available on the network. The scanning takes time depending on the IP range set by you. When the scanning is completed, you can see the list of active and non-active PCs. For each individual PC, it tries to show its user name, MAC address, IP address, and HTTP server. However, it is also possible that it will fail to show username and HTTP servers.

For active PCs, the software also comes with the feature to access their shared folders (if available). For this, you need to right-click on active PC name and click on Browse computer option.

click on browse computer option

After that, a pop-up will open in which you need to enter the login credentials of the PC whose shared folder(s) you want to access.

access shared folder

If you have correct credentials, it will help you access all the shared folders. This is basically helpful in an organization where multiple PCs need to access a folder available on a particular PC.

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The Verdict:

This is the faster option available to find how many PCs are available on a particular network and how many of them are active currently. Also, its bonus feature to access the shared folders is quite useful.

Get this software.

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