Free Eye Protection Software with Blue Filter, Grayscale, Break Reminder

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Eye Saver is a free eye protection software with blue filter, grayscale, break reminder and brightness control. It has some built-in modes and color filters that you can apply to your computer display. It comes with effects like invert and grayscale that you can set to relax your eyes while working. Also, there is a brightness slider that you can use in the end to control the intensity of the color mode or filter that you have applied. And the best part is that this software comes with a break reminder. You can set a particular time in it and it will keep reminding you to take a break to relax your eyes and body.

This is a very useful software for people like me who spend a lot of their time in front of computers. No matter if you are working or watching movies, it may put a negative impact on your eyes. And that’s where Eye Saver software comes in handy. If you have installed this software then you can tweak the color settings of your monitor so that your eyes won’t feel stinginess or irritation by it. You can set different filters or simply use the grayscale mode.

Eye Protection Software with Blue Filter, Grayscale, Break Reminder

How to use this Eye Protection Software with Blue Filter, Grayscale, Break Reminder?

The color filters that Eye Saver software offers are very nice. And you can even control the intensity using the sliders given in the software. There are some pre-ready modes in it like for movies, hacker, reading, etc. You can choose any mode and apply it. Whatever filter or the mode you choose, it will get applied automatically. However, the changes you make will disappear when you restart your PC. But, if you want to keep the changes, then you can opt to make the software to run at Windows startup.

These few steps will help you set up Eye Saver in your PC.

Step 1: After downloading and installing the tool you can run it. You will see its icon in system tray and its interface. On its interface, you can change the various parameters like brightness, blue filter level, switch between different modes, and other options.

eye saver blue filter and brightness settings

All the changes that you make will get applied immediately. And if you want the changes to persist even after restarting PC, then check the auto run option in the “Misc” tab.

Step 2: The other nice feature of the software is the break reminder. You can switch to the “Breaks” tab and configure the break reminding options. You can opt to see the pop up or a notification balloon after a specified number of minutes. Also, you can set for how long, you want it to display the break reminder notification.

eye saver break reminder

In this way, you can use this eye protection software with blue filter, grayscale mode, and break reminder, It is very simple to use this tool to tweak the brightness and display of your monitor.

Closing Thoughts

Eye Saver is a very nice software to protect your eyes from the bright screen of your computer. If you work on your PC for a long time, then you surely need this. And the best part is that it will keep reminding you to take break to relax yourself. So, if you’re looking for a free software like Eye Saver, then this article will come in handy.

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