Windows 10 Weight Tracker App to Maintain Weight & BMI Log

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Weight & BMI tracker is a free weight tracker app for Windows 10 to help you stay in shape. The app lets you enter you current weight and height to let you know how healthy you are. You will also get tips and suggestions for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You can also keep a log of your weight and track how it changes over the course of months. The app also lets you enter you target weight and show you progress towards it.

The below screenshot shows an example weight and BMI along with some tips from the app.

weight and bmi tracker display

When you start with this app, you will be asked to fill in some basic information like your gender, age, height and weight. Based on these, your BMI would be calculated. The below screenshot shows the first screen of this app.

weight and bmi tracker home

Here you have to select your gender, enter your age and height. You can always change the metric unit according to your choice, like change height into feet & inches or cms. Click the continue button to the next screen, where you would be asked to enter your weight. Again you can enter the weight in pounds or kgs by changing the metric unit.

weight and bmi tracker display 1

The weight will be displayed on a scale showing your weight and what your healthy weight range is. Similarly, your current BMI is displayed along with a range of healthy BMI that you should be in. This can be seen in the screenshot above. You will also get  graphs to see your weight and BMI trends. You will get weekly, monthly and yearly graph charts to check out.

From the top left corner, when you click the three horizontal line icon it will show you three options: settings, share, and app commands. Settings will let you change a few settings like the metric unit and clearing the stored data. While the share option will let you share the app through various apps. The app commands option will open up additional options at the bottom of the app window, as shown in the screenshot below.

weight and bmi tracker options

We already covered the enter weight, height, age, and gender options. The set target option will let you enter you target weight. The measurement log will show you all the entries you have made with the app so far. It will also let you add another record to your log, or export the log data into a Excel file, as shown in the screenshot below.

weight and bmi tracker log

Features of this weight tracker app:

  • Track your weight and BMI.
  • Track your progress towards your target weight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Maintain a weekly, monthly, yearly log.
  • Provides suggestions or tips.
  • Helps you stay fit.
  • Displays your BMI based on data entered.
  • Displays your ideal weight range based on the data that you entered.


Overall its a pretty nice app to maintain a weight and BMI log and to keep track of your weight loss trends. The app is easy to use and can help you stay fit.

Check out Weight & BMI Tracker for Windows 10 here.

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