6 Websites to Watch Free Public Webcam Feeds

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Here is a list of 6 websites to watch free public webcam feeds. You can use any of these websites to watch public webcams, without any need of registration. These websites show public webcam feeds from different places like beaches, ski slopes, airports, streets, roads, parks, coffee shops, bridges, traffic, etc. Some of these websites also let you choose the camera angle for better viewing experience. You can also use different control features like play, pause, stop, etc.

Public Webcams are a good way of looking at what is happening in other parts of world, right from your home. So let’s get started with these 6 websites.

1. EarthCam:


EarthCam is the first and best website in this list to watch free public webcam feeds. On the homepage, you will see thumbnail images of public webcams from the different locations around the world. Some of the famous locations are: Times Square (NYC), Statue of Liberty (NYC), Paris (France), Budapest (Hungry), World Trade Center (NYC), Dublin (Ireland), Amsterdam (Netherlands), and many more. You can also browse webcams as per category: Popular, Top 10, New, Entertainment, Traffic, Weather, etc.

The website labels high quality public webcam thumbnails as HD. While you are watching a webcam, the website also lists related webcams which you might like to watch.

2. Opentopia:


Opentopia is a website which has a good number of public webcam feeds. You can filter the webcam feeds as: Most highly rated, Newest, Random selection, and Most often viewed. There is also a drop-down menu for selecting the location, along with number of webcam feeds available for that particular location. When you select the feed to view, you have the option to choose the viewing mode: Last saved still picture (default), Current still picture, Refreshing still picture, Animation of last snapshots, Refreshing stills (flash), Live Java viewer, and Live feed.

Apart from this, the website also shows info about the location, like: Facility, City, State/Region, Country, Coordinates, Local time, Brand, and Rating. You can even comment about the feed.

3. CameLive:


CameLive is the third website in the list which has 8000+ public cam feeds as of now. The homepage lists all the webcam feeds along with categorization on the basis of continents. In front of each continent’s name, there is also the number of webcam feeds available for it. On the listing page, you will see the thumbnail image, cam IP address, location name, cam manufacturer name, coordinates, and current date and time. Clicking on the thumbnail image will take you to the page from where you can comment about the feed and watch it.

4. MyLiveStreams:


MyLiveStreams is the second last website which has following categories: Streaming, Popular, Featured, and Most Visited. When you open any category, you will see the list of all webcams with a thumbnail image, title, and a brief description. On the selected cam page, the website shows complete description, star rating, etc. The website also has various webcam themes like Airport, Animal, Beach, City Center, Church, etc.  The other option is to stream webcams based on the location of your choice.

5. MyBeachCams:


MyBeachCams is the website which focuses on public cams of beaches. It includes webcam feeds from beaches of Hawaii, Florida, California, Panama City, San Diego, and many more. For each webcam feed, it shows thumbnail image along with the name of the beach and a brief info regarding it. To watch any webcam feed, click on it and the website will take you to the page from where you can enjoy the beach webcam feed.

Besides all this, the website also provides a brief info regarding the states from which the cam feeds are included by them.

6. Vintuitive:


Vintuitive is the last website which focuses on public webcam feeds from Adelaide, Australia.  There are 23 webcams from Adelaide for you to choose. Each webcam is listed with its location name, like: King William Street, Victoria Square, Adelaide Oval, West Beach, etc. Clicking on the name plays the corresponding webcam feed for you to watch.

These are the 6 websites to watch free public webcam feeds. Check them out to see different locations from around the world from your house.

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