Free Website to Listen to Workout Music: Gym Radio

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Gym Radio is a free website where you can listen to workout music. The website has three categories: cardio, gym and hardcore. The website has awesome music in each category which will pump you up when you are exercising. It is true music has a very specific effect on everyone. So listening to music with lots of beats and a high tempo will help you push yourself a little bit more. Just the extra motivation that you needed.

The homepage of the website looks like the screenshot below. The website does not support ads and the interface looks pretty clean.

gym radio home

The website has 3 categories listed on the home page itself and you can choose the one which suits your exercise routine. The website offers apps for the Android, iPhone, and Windows phone users, so you can listen to some awesome music while on the go.

You have the ability to switch songs if you don’t like any one of them. The music in every category gives you that pump/motivation that you need to do that bit more. Music does have that effect on us, awesome music can make you spend that extra bit of energy to make your workout a awesome one.

gym radio player

The player on the website looks like the screenshot above. You have the option to play or pause a song which is playing. The forward arrow lets you skip a song, in case you do not like it. The thumbs up option lets you like a song.

After every few songs you can also hear motivational quotes, to cheer you up and keep you focused. You can listen to unlimited live music and skip songs which you do not like easily.

Features of this workout music website:

  • Listen to awesome workout music.
  • Unlimited live music.
  • Music divided in to 3 categories: cardio, gym, and hardcore to suit your exercise style.
  • Skip songs you don’t like.
  • Like a song.
  • Motivational quotes.


Gym Radio is a awesome website which lets you listen to workout music according to the exercise routine you have. You can choose from cardio, gym, or hardcore and the music will be played accordingly to pump you up so that you can push yourself a bit more. I loved this website and the fact that you can download its app on your phone to have access to it anywhere is nice. So no matter where you are exercising be it the gym, or running on the road, or exercising at home you will always have awesome music at your fingertips.

Check out Gym Radio website here.

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