Search Engine for Programmers to Include Special Characters in Search

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SymbolHound is a Search Engine for programmers. It will include all the special characters in search string unlike Google who ignores special symbols in search string. I am sure every programmer must have faced this situation at a point of time while coding that you search for some specific symbols, like <<, #, <? etc. to know about it, and do not get required results. SymbolHound is here to help you by searching all the programing related symbols.

You can simply go to SymbolHound website and search what you want. See below screenshot of SymbolHound.


To test how it works, I made “#include” as search string and searched for it on SymbolHound and on Google. To my astonishment, SymbolHound gave more programing specific search result, and Google gave generic as well as programing related results. You can see the screenshot below to see the difference between Google results as well as SymbolHound results.


However, at present it searches only Stack Overflow Pages, but they are planning to include indexed mechanism soon which would include many more programing websites. This in turn will improve the website results quality drastically.


SymbolHound also provides Advanced Web Search option. Here you can specify some more details about the search string. For example, Search should include all of these terms, meaning search result will have all the keywords mentioned in search string. Similarly any of these terms, will have any of the keyword mentioned. It also has exact phrase, none of these terms. Under within this site option, you can enter the name of any website from where you want to search the string, I tried searching under and it successfully showed me the results from msdn website.

Key Feature of SymbolHound

  • Easy to use and free search engine.
  • Specially developed to help programmers.
  • It includes special characters as search string while searching, which makes it easier for a programmer to search a particular condition or expression.
  • It has Advance Search Options such as Search all keywords, search any of the keywords, Search exact phrase, Search does not include any of these terms.
  • It also has an option where you can provide the source of search, or a website from where you want SymbolHound to perform search and show result.
  • It has a very simple and basic User interface, making it convenient for programmer to use without wasting time.

Overall Review

SymbolHound is a great little search engine developed only for developers or programmers. Basically it helps them to search expressions involving special characters from stack overflow website. It will be very useful to programmers as Google Search engine ignores special characters, making it difficult for them to search a specific expression, which they would want to use while coding. Whereas SymbolHound solves this problem by including special characters. Try it out from here.

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