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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a free web page creation application that allows users to quickly create simple web pages online. You can write text in these pages, add images, embed videos, and link to other pages. There are not many formatting features available, or the option to organize content. Just consider it as a quick online doc builder to make simple looking page that you can use to post some announcement, news, or a general diary entry. It is not as full featured as Posterous or JotOnce, but definitely a nice alternative.

Pen.Io takes mere minutes to create and generate a web-page. Adding content, to this newly created page, is just as quick. This is much more lightweight than other content makers available from the Internet as many other content builders are not designed to allow the user to share a single piece of information, such as a “how to…” page.

The designer and engineer of understands that speed and simplicity are what most people are looking for these days and this publishing builder gives the user the speed and the simplicity, he or she craves.

Users do not have to create an account or try to figure out and navigate a difficult-to-understand editor, the end result is achieved with zero stress or frustration. The software’s biggest strength is that it is able to produce excellent text displays and if tags are added, users are able to create multiple-page entries.

Getting started with this free content building application, users simply enter a page name and password. This page name also becomes URL of your page. Like “”. With the page title and password confirmed, the he or she may make changes or edits to material. This takes you to a page which has a “Title” and “Content” text box. Just click on either of these, and it will become editable, and you can enter your text.

There are a slew of options users are able to take advantage of within this software – for example; adding video is simply a matter of placing a short code (.*video) before the video URL.

Pen.Io has recently added functionality to upload images as well, by just dragging and dropping images on the page.

Once you are done creating your online page, you can share the URL with your friends.

The following is a short list of some of the options and features has to offer:

  • Editing or changing a page; simply visit your ‘yournamepage’ From here users are able to edit and view all their pages.
  • Creating multiple-pages; click on the “:page” tag and decide where you wish to have the page-break. The pagination will automatically be added.
  • pages have no expiry date. Once you have created the content, it will remain for as long as you want.
  • supports HTML pages.
  • All private information is not collected or recorded by the makers of Your pages, however, are public and may be viewed by anyone. It is therefore recommended that users do not place personal or private information in their pages.

This simple, easy-to-use content builder or creator is the ideal software to have for those that want to place content on the Internet quickly and efficiently. It is the perfect publishing content software for both the computer savvy person as well as the not so savvy.

Try Pen.Io Free.

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