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Here is a free service that helps you get daily summary of favorite subreddits via email. You must have marked lots of subreddits as favorites. Accessing the feed of any favorite subreddit is pretty easy as you just need to login to your Reddit account and then click on any favorite subreddit. But, when you want to check top posts of multiple subreddits, then native feature of Reddit is not helpful. Therefore, a free service named “Orangered” can be handy.

This service lets you add subreddits of your choice and then sends you an email for top posts of all those subreddits. You can open that email and you will see the image for each top post of a subreddit, post description, etc. The number of comments for each post is also visible. The screenshot below shows daily Reddit summary email received by me which contains top posts of subreddits selected by me. You can also manage subreddits anytime you want. So, you can update your subreddits list anytime to receive top posts for only those subreddits that matter to you.

email received for daily reddit summary

And in the screenshot added below, you can see that top posts of selected subreddits are visible.

top posts of selected subreddits

How to Get Daily Summary of Favorite Subreddits via Email?

Open the homepage of this Orangered service. There you will see two options:

  • Select subreddits, and
  • Enter email address.

Using the first option, you can open drop down menu, and then select subreddits of your choice one by one. You can select maximum 10 subreddits. And using the second option, you are able to sign up so that you can receive daily email.

select subreddit and enter email address

Also, you should add “[email protected]” to contacts list of your Google Contacts. In case you didn’t receive any email, then adding this email address to your Google Contacts list will be helpful.

After that, every day, you will receive an email that will contain daily summary of favorite subreddits. You can open the email and see number of top posts of each subreddit, number of comments, and post description. You can also click on a post to view photo in a separate tab and also click on comments option to open post in Reddit.

The email also provides option to manage your subreddits. You can use that option and then change subreddits whenever needed.

Did you know you can also browse subreddits in separate columns?

The Conclusion:

This is a very simple service but has a very interesting and useful purpose. Instead of accessing the list of your favorite subreddits and then viewing all posts to check the top posts of a subreddit, you can receive daily summary of your favorite subreddits in email.

Try this service.

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