Free Tool That Let Users Create Remote Testing Videos by Sharing a Link

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UserLook Recorder is a free tool that let users create remote testing videos by sharing a link. Here it lets you create usability testing videos for your web apps or a website. You create a form by adding instructions and link to your websites and then it will generate a test link for you. You can share that link with anyone you want to start the testing. The test user on the other end, when starts following that link, he will be redirected to the test page and start testing your website. As the user is testing your website it will record all the activities on the screen as video and you can see that when a user has finished with the testing.

The test form that UserLook Recorder lets you create is very informative. In addition to the instruction, you can also add reward details for the user for testing your products. And not only this, you can also opt for user to fill out the personal information like email address, age, location, etc. You can also set the minimum video recording time in the test form. And along with the screen recording, a user can speak the feedback in and it will record all that.

Testing is a very crucial phase of any product and should be taken seriously. If you want some random users to make them test your product for free or by giving some reward then you can use this website. Also, there is a paid plan as well if you want to hire some experienced testers to test out your products. But in this post, I will be talking about the free version of this online tool.

Let Users Create Remote Testing Videos by Sharing a Link

How to Let Users Create Remote Testing Videos by Sharing a Link?

UserLook Recorder uses a Chrome extension to record the screen and the test user must have to install it. After finishing the test, the user will get the link to the video and you will receive the video in your dashboard. You can watch the video and analyze the user feedback.

To get started with this tool, go to its homepage and then simply fill the test form. Also, you will have to create a free account on the website to save and share the test page. On the test page, you will have to specify link to your website, instructions for the test, and specify whether you want the user to fill out the personal information.

UserLook Recorder Test Page

Now, it will give you a URL to the test page that you can share with anyone you want. And along with the URL, it will be wise to share the link of the UserLook Recorder Chrome extension (though, it will automatically prompt users to install it).

After starting the usability testing session, it will divide the browser in two different windows. On the left window which is bigger in size, it will load the websites that user will have to test. And in the right window, it will start the timer, and show the instructions that a user has to check when he is done.

UserLook Recorder recording in action

Finally, when the user is done with all the instructions, he can stop the test and it will generate the video link for him. And same video will be attached to your account’s dashboard. You can play the video and then analyze the user’s feedback. See this screenshot.

UserLook Recording in dashboard

This way, this simple tool works to let any user create remote testing videos by sharing a link. And you can easily use it by just creating a free account on its main website. But while sharing the URL to the user, make sure that you instruct him to allow the screen recording and microphone to the browser whenever it prompts for it.

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Final thoughts

UserLook Recorder is a very nice tool for usability testing of your website and any other web application. The free plan is kind of suitable for you if you want to target any random user to test your website. However, for doing the same with the experienced testers, you will have to buy any of its paid plan. So, if you are looking for a free website like UserLook Recorder then you can give this a try to see if it works out for your needs.

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