How to Run Popular GPTs without ChatGPT Plus Subscription?

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This post explains how to run popular GPTs without ChatGPT Plus subscription. ChatGPT has launched a GPT Store where chatGPT plus users can create and publish their chatbots. It is like an app store but for GPT bots, called custom GPTs. To use a custom GPT published on the GPT Store, you are required to have the ChatGPT plus subscription costing $20 per month. However, there is a way to use some of those popular GPTs for free.

Top-GPTs is a GitHub repository that allows users to run popular GPTs without the need for a ChatGPT Plus subscription. This repository is a curated list of top GPT models available in the GPT Store. It covers around 180 popular GPTs. These GPTs are converted into open custom GPTs using this popular repo. It is a public repository where anyone can use any of the published GPTs for free. You do need an OpenAI API key to use the GPTs.

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Run Popular GPTs without ChatGPT Plus Subscription

Top-GPTs GitHub repository has a list of top custom GPTs from the GPT Store. All these GPTs are converted into custom open GPTs that are free to use. To use these GPTs simply head over to the Top-GPTs repository on GitHub using this link.

The repository has a list of 181 open custom GPTs at the moment. It covers a wide variety of GPTs including AI Doctor, Auto Stock Analysis Expert, Code Explainer, CodeCopilot, Data Analyst, Diffusion Master, Email Proofreader, GPT Builder, Img2Img, Meme Magic, Midjourney Generator, Music Writer, Quality Raters Seo Guide, Tailwindgpt, Yt Summarizer, and more. Each GPT has a hyperlink that you can click to use that GPT.

Clicking on a GPT opens that GPT on the Open Custom GPT website. The website asks you to add your OpenAI API key to proceed. Simply paste your API key there and click the button to start interacting with the GPT.

After adding the API key, it loads a chat interface where you can easily interact with the selected custom GPT. You can type your message and chat with the GPT. This interface is limited to text interaction at the time. That means you can only send texts and won’t be able to attachments. This obsolete the use of any image or file attachment-based GPT for the moment. But the text-based GPTs work just fine.

Access the Top-GPTs list here.

Closing Words

Top-GPTs GitHub repository provides a simple solution for users seeking to harness the power of popular GPTs without a ChatGPT Plus subscription. It covers a diverse range of applications from AI Doctor to Music Writer, and more. While the ChatGPT Plus subscription offers additional features and convenience, the Top-GPTs repository serves as a commendable alternative.

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