Free Superhero Database API to get Superheroes Data from all Universes

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SuperHero API lets you query superhero database to fetch details about superheroes and villains form DCU or MCU like universes. Here it supports all universes and you can fetch details about any superhero programmatically. From basic details to superhero image, you can fetch it all by just making simple API requests. This is a very good tool for game designers who often need data for superheroes to use in their games. With API, they can do that in just a few seconds. The API returns the response in JSON which can easily be parsed in almost any programming language with ease.

If you are creating a game or in game designing line of work then often need the superhero data. Details about the superheroes like their real name, image, superpowers, costume, eye color, hair color, race, gender, alter-ego, strength, intelligence and many other parameters. Getting all these details via traditional copy-paste will be too much time-consuming and this is where this API comes in handy. You can simply make a request to get what you want about a superhero and use that. You only have to generate an API token that you can get using your Facebook account. The API provides a very nice documentation that you can use to learn syntax and other details.

Superhero Database API

Usign this Free Superhero Database API to get Superheros and Villains Details:

Just like any other API, you start using this API by getting an access token first. Go to the homepage of this API and then sign in using Facebook to get the API token. Next, you can move to the docs to see what you can get and how you will get it. The docs are divided into four sections, namely power stats, biography, appearance, work, connections, and image.

SuperHero API Token and Docks

You can see go through each section on the docs page and then make an API request. You can use some command line HTTP clients like Httpie, Wget or cURL. Not only this, but you can paste the API URL in the browser to see the JSON array that you can copy or covert to other formats as CSV using some JSON to CSV converters. And example of making an API call is mentioned below.



Superhero API in action

You can see the JSON response that it produced in my case in the screenshot above. I am using JSONView Chrome extension to beautify JSON response that you can analyze by inspecting each array. All the details about the target superhero are in the different keys and you are free to do anything that you want. The superhero id can be obtained from the website itself.

Closing thoughts

If you are in need of an API that can fetch you a lot of details about any super hero then you have come to the right place. Start using the SuperHero API from today  and this post will be helpful for giving you a quick start. You can go through the docs to see more details and then use the API accordingly.

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