Free Badminton Footwork Training app for iPhone

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Badminton-Footwork is a free iPhone app to train your self with the help of a virtual assistant in no time. Here this is a simple app that trains you for specific positions of the badminton court. You can either opt to train all the positions or these specific ones, set by you. You just start the app and listen to it when it calls the name of a position then you just have to move accordingly. Basically you just take this app to a badminton court where you want to practice and just use your earphones or AirPods to start the training and move your foots accordingly.

Footwork is a very important aspect of badminton and if you are into this sport then you must train yourself. And this iPhone app here provides one of the best ways to practice your footwork alone. You don’t really need an instructor with you for training as long as you have this app installed on your iPhone. You can use it anytime you want and just let it train you with random foot movements that it will says out loud. Here you can also change the interval between successive foot movements and set a custom warning time.

Free Badminton Footwork Training app for iPhone:

Simply start by installing this app from Apple App store from this link or just search it manually. There is no sign up or registration required so you just get started right after you install it. On the main interface of the app, you can see the all 9 positions marked for you. See the screenshot below.

Badminton-Footwork Main Interface

Now just set a custom warning time an interval to start training. When you start the app it will start the timer and will automatically call for movement changes. Just start doing the footwork as soon as you start the timer and switch your foot as it he speaks the name of the position as number.

Badminton-Footwork Training Start

If you want to train a specific position on the badminton guard then you can do that. To do that you just have to tap on the position you want to train for before starting the timer. The disabled positions are denoted by faded box.

Badminton-Footwork Specific Positions

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful useful badminton footwork training app. Just install it on your iPhone and everything else is really easy to understand. Also, it doesn’t require any Internet connection to work so you can use it whenever you want wherever you are. In my opinion, you must go for a specific position 1st and then multiple ones later.

Closing words:

If you are into the badminton game then you know how important it is to have a good footwork. And this app right here that I have mentioned will help you improve it without any instructor. Just install it on your iPhone and use the custom interval and warning timer to train for different positions on the badminton court. However, do not that mastering your foot movement on the court will take time, so just be patient and don’t expect good results too soon :)

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