15 Websites to Learn Best Cake Recipes

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Here is a list of 15 websites to learn best cake recipes. These websites include cake recipe of different types, ranging from popular ones to lesser-known ones. They explain all the cake recipes in details by giving importance to each and every aspect of cake baking. You will learn about everything like cake baking, frosting, decoration, and serving. All the recipes are accompanied by high-quality images of cake and steps.

Some of the websites also include video tutorials for following the recipes. So let’s get started with them one by one.

1. Martha Stewart: 

Martha Stewart

The first website in the list is MarthaStewart.com. It is the official website of Martha Stewart, an American businesswoman, writer, and television personality. On opening the website, you will see cake recipes divided into multiple categories like Best Layer Cake, Chocolate Cake, Classic Cake, Cheesecake, Cake with Fruit, Lemon Cake and much more. Clicking on the category will reveal all the recipes included under it.

For the selected recipe, it shows the preparation time, total time, servings, ingredients, and directions. You can also share the recipe of cakes with others via Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or by printing it.

2. BBC Food:

BBC Food

BBC Food is the second website in the list for you to learn best cake recipes. It lets you choose recipes for the cake as Light Meal & Snacks, Desserts, Cakes, and Baking. Apart from this, you can also click on See All Recipes of Cake to go through all of them in one go. The list shows name of the cake, name of recipe provider, preparation time, cooking time, and number of servings.

For the selected recipe, you will see all commonly found info. In addition to this, it also includes a video and number of people who recommended that recipe. The website also lets you print the recipe, make the shopping list and send the recipe to mobile.

3. Nigella:


The third website in the list is Nigella. On opening the website and going to cakes section, you will see the complete list of cake recipes. The list includes name of the cake and a description. Clicking on the recipe will take you to the page from where you will get the ingredients, method, number of servings, and corresponding images. You can also switch between cup and metric measures. There is even a comment section for each recipe. The website suggests related Nigella recipes, related community recipes, and option to print the recipe.

4. Wilton:


Wilton is the fourth website in the list to learn best cake recipes. You can filter the cake recipes on following criteria: occasion, theme, rating, and difficulty. On filtering the results, you can further sort them by relevance, A-Z, Z-A, Price low to high and Price high to low. For the recipe selected by you, you can read the description, ingredients, tools, number of servings, instruction, reviews and questions. You can also post a review or a question related to recipe. On the right side, the website displays related recipes.

If you want to share the recipe, then you can do so via Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter and many other social media platforms.

5. Womansday:


Womansday is another website in the list for learning best cake recipes. On the page of listing of cake recipes, you can sort the cake listings by relevance, alphabetical and newest. For each listed recipe, you can check its name, description, and ratings. Ratings are displayed only for those recipes which have received ratings from users. On the selected recipe page, you will see the servings, preparation time, total time, ingredients and directions. You can switch between U.S. and Metric units.

It also shows nutrients information per serving. The other options include save the recipe, add ingredients to shopping list and option to submit your version of the recipe.

6. Very Best Baking by Nestle:

Very Best Baking by Nestle

Very Best Baking is a website from Nestle which focuses on providing recipes. Under the cakes section, you can filter the recipes as per category, skill level, occasion, products and brands. On the listing page, you will see the images of the cake recipe with number of favorites and hovering mouse over them reveals the preparation time, cooking time and skill level.

On selected recipe page, you will see the above-mentioned info. In addition to this, you will see the ratings, ingredients, instructions, nutritional information and the user reviews.

7. Food.com:


Food.com is the website which is home to more than 30,000 cake recipes. This website offers you criteria to filter the search results like on the basis of what you want to include/exclude and browse recipe by ingredient, meal, course, occasion, cuisine etc. On the thumbnail image of the cake recipe, you will see then rating, time taken to make recipe, name of the recipe and the user who submitted it.

For the selected recipe, the website shows ingredients and directions. You can switch between units of measurements and the best part is that it lets you choose the number of servings. Depending on the number, the website changes the quantity mentioned for the ingredients. If you are a registered user, the website also lets you add recipes to recipe box and ingredients to grocery list.

8. Good to Know:

Good to Know

The eighth website in the list is Good to Know which has 600+ cake recipes for you to try out. For each recipe in the list, you can read the title, description, thumbnail image, rating and an option to save the recipe (for registered users). On selecting a recipe, you will see preparation time, cooking time, total time, serving, skill levels, costs, ingredients and steps to make the cake. In the end, you can give ratings to the recipe. Besides this, the website also shows a tip, on recipe page, to make your dish better.

9. Oetker:


The next website in the line is Oetker. You can filter the results on the basis of relevance, A-Z, newest and with image. When you have selected the recipe, you will see the image of the recipe, ingredients for the cake and to decorate. At the end of the recipe, you will find a few tips to make the recipe selected by you tasty and good.

10. Make Fabulous Cakes:

Make Fabulous Cakes

As the name suggests, Make Fabulous Cakes is a website completely dedicated to cakes. When you will select any recipe, you will see a brief description about it. Below the description, you will see the ingredients and directions to prepare the cake. Apart from cake recipes, you can check out cake blog, cake gallery and cake decoration. The cake decoration includes tips and techniques, fondant bow, fondant roses, gift box cake and gum paste flowers.

11. Bakers-Corner:


Bakers-Corner is a website which is focused on everything which is related to baking. And since, cakes have a direct relationship with baking so you will find cake recipes here for sure. The landing page of the website lists all the cake recipes with a brief description and an image. On selecting the cake type, you will see the description, number of views, rating, information, ingredients, procedure and a YouTube video. You can also comment on any recipe to share your views or ask your doubts.

12. Epicurious:


Epicurious is the twelfth website in the list to learn best cake recipes. When you will be going through listing of all cake recipes available on the website, you will find them with their name and user ratings. Below this, there is ingredients list for the recipe followed by the steps to make it. Then, there is option to read the comments, submit your comment and view the percentage of users who want to make it again. One unique feature of the website is that it lets you print the recipe along with the individual comments selected by you.

13. Cake Central:

Cake Central

Cake Central displays listing of all cake recipes with a description of it. You can look for the recipes as New Recipes, Recently Added, Most Viewed, and Popular Tags. For the selected recipe, it has following sections: YouTube video, about this recipe, ingredients and directions. Below them, you will find the comments section to view the comments and post your views.

14. Crafty Baking:

Crafty Baking

The second last website in the list is Crafty Baking. On search results page of cake recipes, you will see the recipe name, recipe image and a brief summary. This website is more helpful for those who already know about cakes, baking and other cake making stuff. On selecting the recipe, you will see a few images of the final cake followed by a few sentences describing the recipe. Then you will find the steps to make the recipe which won’t get into the mind of a beginner.

15. Best Recipes:

Best Recipes

Best Recipes is the last website in this list to learn best cake recipes. You can browse cake recipes either via complete collection or the editor’s choice. You can browse the list and differentiate between them via thumbnail image, number of comments/stars and the recipe name. On selecting the recipe, you will get the info like cooking time, preparation time, number of servings, ingredients and equipment. The recipe also includes notes which you can refer for some cool tips.

Here I wrap up this list of 15 free websites to learn best cake recipes. Do give all of them a try to learn new cake recipes everyday. If you know more of them, feel free to share them via comments section below.

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