5 Online Board Games For Couples

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In this article, I will cover 5 online board games for couples.

Board games are really good options for couples as a leisure activity. It a nice way to keep the fun alive in your relationship. And, in today’s stressful lifestyles, board games allow you to take a mental break from everything else and give you a chance to engage with your partner.

But the question is, who has actual board games in 2018? Majority of people don’t have board games laying around in their bedrooms unless they have kids. But, you can play board games online. Now, that’s obviously an arguable statement for many. But seriously, you can use your smart device (phone or tablet) to play online board games. You can play games against each other or together against someone else. Give it a try; maybe you find it Okay or maybe you find it good.

With that said, let me tell you 5 websites where you can play board games with worrying about your device’s platform compatibility.

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Here Are 5 Online Board Games For Couples:

Board Game Arena

free online board games for couples

Board Game Arena is a free website with thousands of board games to play. This website is available in various languages and probably has the biggest online board games collection. On the homepage, it features the most popular board games. Below that, there is a list of board games arranged in alphabetical order. Lots of games here are online multiplayer. To find a good couple game, look for turn-based games or search the title if you already have something in your mind. When you start a game, it asks you to log in or sign up. Sign up with your email id or social media and enjoy the game.

Give these online board games for couples a try here.


play online board games for couples

Pogo is a free gaming platform to play games online. It features online games of various genres such as Board Games, Card Games, Puzzle Games, Casino Games, Word Games and more. As of now, it has 22 games under the board game genre. Each game has a short description written below it along with its type (single or multiple players). You don’t have to create an account to play these games although you can create one if you want to save your progress.

Check out these online board games for couples here.

Mind Games

online board games for couples free

MindGame.com is another free website where you can play board games online. Here, you can play Puzzle Games, Word Games, Memory Games, Math Games, Brain Games and more. You can find popular games based on rating. Almost every game shows you a how to play tutorial in the starting of the game. You can skip the tutorial if you want. After that, you can play the game and share a link with your friends on social media.

Here is the link to try these online board games for couples.


online board games for couples

Aol is an online service provider company that also has a game portal on its website. This game portal features lots of games under five different categories; Board Games, Card Games, Casino Games, Puzzle Games and Others. In the Board Games section, it has 11 different games which you can play online. Each game welcomes you with proper instruction guides. After going through the instruction, you can enjoy these games online.

Try these online board games for couples here.

Your Turn My Turn

online board games for couples

Your Turn My Turn is a free website where you can play turn-based board games online. It has a decent collection of classic as well as modern board games. In order to play a game, you have to create an account first. After that, you can select a game from the collection and start playing it. Here, you can play games like Chess, Crack the Code, Go, Connect the Dots and many more.

You can try these online board game for couples here.

Closing Words:

Online board games for couples featured on these free websites are a good medium to spend time together. Go, check out these games and have fun.

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